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What is Furazone Used for in Horses

What is Furazone Used for in Horses

If you have ever ridden a horse before you will have an appreciation for these amazing animals, and impressed with the way they have such strength and agility plus the ability to carry your big rump as if it is no big thing. People who have the space and resources to own horses benefit greatly from the friendships they make with them, some of whom may be related to BoJack Horseman. If they have a skin infection owners will want to put a stop to that right quickly. That is where we will start with what is Furazone used for horses.  

This is a horse infection ointment and the active ingredient in it is Nitrofurazone, and it is a powerful antibiotic that can eliminate horse pyoderma and also may be used to treat bacterial acne in horses. Nitrofurazone is also effective for horse rain rot treatment where prolonged dampness and humidity has made this type of bacterial infection more likely to happen for a horse. Many horse owners will get a wooden spatula and dedicate it to horse hygiene and disease prevention duty by applying Furazone ointment. You just cover up affected areas and let Nitrofurazone go to work killing bacteria.  

There is more to what is Furazone used for in horse though, and it can also be applied as part of a burn treatment for horses when the wound has become infected before healing. Skin ulcer treatment is another possibility for Furazone, although that may be a skin condition that you are not comfortable addressing on your own and it is true that a veterinarian might want to look into the root causes of why your horse has developed an ulcer.  

Sweaty Horse  

This certainly is a versatile OTC antibiotic cream for horses, and many people with a stable will know it is a good product to have on hand should an infection occur, or the horse has an ulcer. From here we are going to move on from those types of treatment and aims and switch over to Another point for what is Furazone used for in horses is that can be applied generally to certain areas of the skin to induce sweating. This may be necessary because the animal is having some type of skin chelation process as a detox.  

Caring for horses can certainly demand more people as compared to other animals kept in or around the home. The last thing we will say around what is Furazone used for in horses is to say that if it works well for your horse and you foresee using it in the future too then your best move is to order pet medication from Canada and including Furazone. Rx medications cost less here for sure, but OTC meds tend to be less in Canada and if you are an animal that is the apple of your eye then you will do to get everything you need for their optimal health from our online pet pharmacy here.  

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