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What is Activyl - Where to Buy Activyl for Dogs

What is Activyl - Where to Buy Activyl for Dogs

There are some dogs that do not wear collars, but usually they live on huge acreages at least somewhat in the middle of nowhere. A large part of why dogs wear collars is it makes it easier for their owners to keep them safe, whether that is because it allows them to attach a leash or the fact that it would be hard to have dog ID tags without them. But of all the dogs that do wear collars, these days very few if any of them are wearing flea collars. That is because they do not work, and this leads us to what is Activyl

The Activyl Protector Band is an entirely different type of flea collar, and it DOES work to kill fleas on dogs 100x more effectively than conventional dog flea collars. Those more inexpensive flea collars will only have a parasiticide coating on them, and that means that if a flea is to be exterminated then they need to have come into contact with the collar. Some certainly will do that, but a great many of them will survive simply by staying on the dog’s torso or south of that. So, what makes the Activyl band more effective for dog flea prevention? 

That is something that is quite straightforward to explain, and it is a further explanation of what is Activyl too. This superior dog collar is not coated in anything, but it does still contain an active parasiticide that works very well to kill fleas. The fundamental difference is that collar is not coated in it, instead the Activyl Protector Band contains the parasiticide inside the collar and releases it incrementally for 6 months of dog flea control. It is changed the flea collar game for sure, and so the next thing you will probably want to know is where to buy Activyl for dogs.  

Over the 49th 

We have likely gone on enough about what is Activyl, and if you are looking for a 1-and-done, hand-off and super easy way to prevent fleas on dogs then we imagine you are entirely convinced on this product. You will always have the best price on it when you order pet medication and products from Canada, and this certainly applies to dog flea collars too. And don’t think that water will render this collar less effective, even though that is always the case with cheap flea collars that do not really kill fleas.  

A very small amount of the medication is released at each time, and if you refer to the instructions that come with your Activyl protector band you will see that these are scheduled releases. You can always remove your dog’s collar if you are going to lake though, and the same should apply if you are going to give them a bath. The last thing we will say in connection to what is Activyl is that we are fast approaching the time of the year when dogs contract fleas most commonly, so now is as good a time as any to do something about it. 

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