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What is a Sharps Container

What is a Sharps Container

There is a good reason people exercise caution and don’t just thrust their arm casually into the blackberry bush when they see the perfect one to pick. There are sharp thorns in there, and sharp enough to break the skin if you slide against them. The tips of needles are entirely different of course, but it is the same safety interest in making sure you don’t prick yourself. But syringes have much greater risk than a nasty scratch or cut and this leads to what is a Sharps container. If you are a diabetic or your dog has diabetes, you will need one.  

A Sharps is a plastic receptacle container that is like any other but has a lid with a locking mechanism to make it impossible for the lid to open again. It will admit contents but there is the lid cannot be opened again for them to come out or have accidental hand contact. This container is designed for 1-time use, but for most people with diabetic dogs they will be able to have many months of use out of one based around 1x-weekly injection schedule. 

That’s the long and short of what is a Sharps container and there’s really not much more to say about them with how they work. You could place other materials into a Sharps container, but they are designed for safe syringe disposal. We heard a story once about one vet who put a rubber tarantula in a Sharps container just to mess with the veterinary assistants as they disposed of syringes into it, but this sort of funny stuff is probably pretty uncommon in most homes where it is a dog owner giving their pet insulin.  

Stock Up 

Continuing with our look at what is a Sharps container we know it is for needle disposal and that you fill it and then take it for proper handling. But for people who need to order pet medication online from Canada every once in a while, then it is more about where to get a Sharps container and pay the least for 2 or 3 of them. That is at World Pet Express, as we have the 1-quart box for $15.99USD, and at that price it makes sense to order more than one.  

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