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How to Get Stronghold Without Prescription?

Stronghold Without Prescription

Fleas refer to such parasites that feed on a pet animal's blood; both dogs and cats. In most cases, cat fleas are the common culprit for fleas not only in cats but dogs too. And as getting fleas is quite common in pets, it's understandable that people are interested in knowing where to get Stronghold without prescription. Stronghold is also known as Revolution is currently available, and is considered an effective medication against fleas.

Buy Stronghold Without Vet Prescription

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How to recognize fleas?

The easiest way to recognize if your pet has been infested with fleas deals with you noticing them scratching way more than usual. In fact, some pets might also develop a number of skin conditions like FAD - flea allergy dermatitis if they are allergic to the infestation. Moreover, you might also notice flea dirt around the house which refers to the blood-based feces that fleas leave behind. The easiest way to find flea dirt is to brush the pet's fur on a wet paper.

The hassle of fleas

The truth is that only about 5% of the adult fleas actually live on the pet. When female fleas lay eggs a majority of the eggs fall off the pet and start living in their surroundings. The eggs then hatch into larvae and start to reside in the bedding of the pet. Take note that the larvae can also live in between floorboards and on carpets as well. The larvae then develop into pupae and just within a few days, they change into fully fledged adults.

Since a majority of the population of fleas doesn't live on the pet, treating only your pet won't get rid of the flea problem. Apart from the pet, you will also need to treat your dog or cat's living environment as well. Similarly, you will have to treat all the other cats and dogs in the house as well even if you think they don't have fleas.

Not only do fleas lead to excessive itching, but they also play a crucial role in the lifecycle of tapeworms because of which it is better to combine worming and flea treatments.

Issues in pets caused by fleas

Fleas can lead to a variety of issues for your dogs and cats, the most common being flea bite dermatitis which involves the animal being allergic to the saliva of the flea. As a result, such a dog experiences intense scratching and itching. Plus, the continuous scratching and itching often lead to the skin breaking open. Consequently, a scab forms which, with time, gets infected.

While this can happen in any area, the most common areas are the base of the tail and the back. However, the good news is that a vet can easily treat your pet by removing the fleas and giving medicines for fighting the infection and the allergy.

Apart from skin irritation and the other external issues, your dogs and cats can also be at risk of internal complications from the bites and infestations of fleas. One of the most common internal infections that fleas cause is the tapeworm.

Tapeworms are parasites that are passed to your dog or cat once it ingests the flea. Initially, the tapeworm lives inside the flea, but after the flea has been ingested, the tapeworm starts to grow inside your pet. These worms lead to weight loss as well as an itchy rear.

Another medical problem that results from flea infestation is flea-bite anemia. It is most common in young animals like kittens and puppies that have become a victim of severe flea infestation. The flea feeds on these small pets so much that the number of red blood cells in their blood decreases drastically because of which the animals become anemic. This is classified as a medical emergency, and if it is left untreated, then it can be fatal.

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How to control fleas

Most commonly, a lot of the flea treatment option focus on those fleas that are in the adult stages of their lifecycle. There are a wide variety of both prescription and non-prescription medicines that are very effective for all cats and dogs.

For example, stronghold without prescription is available for both cats and dogs so you can help them say goodbye to fleas!

Stronghold flea treatment without prescription

Alternatively known as Revolution, Stronghold is an FDA-approved, broad spectrum, systemically acting parasiticide. Due to the combination of efficacy and a well-defined profile, Stronghold can protect both your pet cat and dog against a variety of parasites.

Buy stronghold for dogs

You might be wondering, why buy Stronghold for dogs? Well, it kills scabies, ear mites, fleas, and flea eggs. It also helps to control tick infestation and plays a part in preventing heartworm disease too. So, you should consider buying it for your pet's health.

Stronghold for cats without prescription

The pink and blue range of Stronghold is suitable for cats and kills fleas in the adult stages. This medicine also prevents the flea eggs from hatching for at least a month. It is also recommended for preventing and controlling flea infestations as well as ear mite infestations along with preventing heartworm disease. Moreover, Stronghold can also help with the control and treatment of intestinal hookworm and roundworm infections.

Other Options

Apart from Stronghold, you can also use the following for your cats and dogs to get rid of fleas:


Containing Pyriproxyfen and Dinotefuran, Vectra provides fast-acting protection against the different stages of fleas for grown-up cats and dogs as well as for young ones. Vectra kills fleas within two to six hours. Plus, it is effective since it kills off the parasite upon contact. Furthermore, this medicine is effective for protecting your pet against flea-borne diseases such as tapeworm, rickettsiosis, tularemia, and bartonellosis.

Frontline Plus

Frontline plus contains S-methoprene and Fipronil and is a topical monthly preventative for ticks and fleas suitable for both cats and dogs. It is also suitable for lactating and pregnant dogs and cats. Within just 12 hours, frontline plus can kill 100% of the fleas, and in just 48 hours, there will be no sign of ticks and lice. Moreover, this medicine is long-lasting and waterproof too. It is even effective after grooming, bathing, and swimming, and works continuously to kill ticks and fleas throughout the month. It also breaks the lifecycle of the flea to make sure that there are no future infestations.

Program for Dogs and Cats

Program, containing lufenuron, is a monthly oral preventative for treating fleas and is effective for kittens, puppies, dogs, and cats. This medicine inhibits the development of flea eggs which therefore breaks the lifecycle of the flea.

Wrapping it up

If you want to treat fleas, it's recommended that you buy Stronghold for dogs or cats, depending on the type of pets you have. Stronghold flea treatment without prescription is possible (available right now), and you should make use of it as soon as possible instead of waiting for the infestation to grow worse.

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