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No-Fly Zone for Fleas: Simparica for Dogs

No-Fly Zone for Fleas: Simparica for Dogs

It’s a shame that all insects seem to get a bit of a bad rap because of just a few of them, and especially mosquitoes and fleas. These biters and blood suckers are dastardly, and they’re not to be tolerated. Any dog owner is going to care about their pooch as much as any other family member, and that’s why parasites of these sorts are going to have these owners looking for a combo flea and tick medication like Simparica for dogs. What is Simparica for dogs? It’s a flavored chewable flea and tick medication that they eat like any other tasty treat.

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Which is a darn good thing, because certain breeds of dog can develop mange if you let fleas have free reign to do their thing, and that’s absolutely awful for any poor dog. And of course there’s the risk of Lyme disease and other major health complications from tick bites. The most major enemy there is the black-legged tick with a bite that can cause Lyme disease, and here are States where there a lot of black-legged ticks. There’s a whole lot of reasons to be proactive with flea and tick control for your dog, and Simparica flea and tick medication protects against both parasites.

There’s also some parts of the country where fleas are a problem all year round, and it’s never advisable to give your dog a flea collar. If you live in any of them then you can give your pet Simparica for dogs as a monthly flea killer tablet that you give to them as a treat once a month, 12 times a year. Set a reminder in your smartphone calendar for it as it’s best to give it to your dog around the same time every month.

Critter-Free House

Every dog should be able to roam the backyard or local park at will, and no dog should ever be cramped up indoors the house too often. There’s a lot of different parts of America that have pretty amazing summers and some parts to the South that are sunny and warm all year round. Fleas and ticks can make their way onto to your dog anywhere, but one area where you can control fleas inside and outside your house is when it comes to your lawn.

Keeping your grass cut short reduces the chances of your dog getting fleas, and there’s a whole lot else you can do to prevent fleas coming into the house.

Customer reviews for Simparica for dogs include ones where dog owners use a regular dog shampoo – not even a flea shampoo necessarily – later the same day after giving the dog a Simparica for dogs chewable and so many dead fleas come out of the fur when rinsing the animal. That’s all legit as the great thing about this flea and tick killer combo med is that it starts to kill fleas within 3 hours of being ingested.

Ticks are a little hardier. And the thing is that they don’t just bite, they latch on and it’s going to take a lot to get them to let go. They don’t escape the lethality of Simparica for dogs either though. They end up dead in the same way the fleas do, but it takes about 4 times longer. You can still expect this flea and tick killer tablet for dogs to kills all ticks within 12 of administration.

Getting your Best Flea and Tick Med for Dogs

It’s no secret that pet meds can be expensive too sometimes, and if that’s something that’s an issue with switching to Simparica for dogs then you can consider ordering pet medication online from Canada. A lot of people have already started using international pet medication pharmacies that can serve customers in the US. Some owners have dogs that really dislike having a topical spray put on the back of their neck at the shoulders, and for these ones a flea and tick chewable is definitely going to be the way to go.

Need Simparica for your dog? Buy it here without vet prescription:

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And we’ll leave you here with one good general tip about improving your dog’s skin after getting rid of fleas. Adding just a little bit of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water can promote better PH balance for your dog’s epidermal skin and help it restore it yourself most effectively. Just add two tablespoons or so to an average-sized bowl of water. And you know what? A little bit of apple cider in your water would be good for you too in the same way. Some people add small quantities of it to their green tea.

What is Simparica for dogs? It’s one of the best chewable flea and tick tablets available for dog owners who want a very straightforward solution to preventing fleas and ticks.

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