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Revolution Plus for Cats without Vet Prescription

Buy Revolution Plus wihtou vet prescription for cats

People lead busy lives these days, and for most of us any time we can avoid spending on ‘tasks’ is worth it’s weight in gold for enjoying the things in life we’d actually be choosing to do. This is true for pet owners in the same way it is for everyone else. If it’s possible to get the medication your dog or cat needs without having to phone the vet’s office and see when they can fit you in, that’s going to be preferable. That’s why being able to get Revolution Plus without vet prescription is so helpful for cat owners in America.

Buy Meds for less without Vet Prescription

Buy Revolution Plus

This is not the case for all effective flea medications for cats. In fact, many other popular ones like Frontline Plus and Interceptor will require you to have a veterinarian’s prescription. But, its important to note that consumer reviews indicate these prescription flea medications are not anymore effective than non-prescription medications. For this reason, the ability to get Revolution Plus for cats without vet prescription is such a convenient option for many pet owners.

What makes Revolution Plus such a good flea medication for cats? Well, it has a lot to do with the way the product is formulated, and the fact that one topical spray application lasts a whole month is a big part of it too. We’ll get into that in greater detail, but before we do – have you ever heard the expression ‘know your enemy’-? Fleas are the enemy here, so perhaps it’s helpful to know more about them.

One of the Best Flea Medications for Cats

Fleas aren’t the only parasite threat for cats, and when it comes to taking on the entirety of them, we can look at medications as a weapon. If you’ve got a horde of enemies invading you, then hopefully you have a 500-plus rounds per minute fully automatic machine gun in your hands that’s capable of mowing them down before they have a chance to cause you harm.

Revolution Plus for cats is like that machine gun, and the fact it’s also Revolution Plus without vet prescription kind of makes it like being able to purchase that machine gun without a firearm license. Alright, all of this may be a real stretch, but you get the idea – Revolution Plus is pretty much a death sentence for fleas, but not just fleas.

The great thing about Revolution Plus without vet prescription is that it’s formulated to kill fleas, ticks, heartworms, ringworms, roundworms AND ear mites. It’s a multi-level threat for parasites indeed!

What’ the Deal with Fleas, Anyways?

Probably safe to say that no one hates butterflies, right? Well turns out that fleas and butterflies share the same evolutionary path. The butterfly begins as a larva that grows into a caterpillar and then becomes its final form. The flea does the same thing, only it obviously doesn’t become anything nearly as attractive.

It’s also unfortunate that butterflies aren’t particularly hardy creatures, while fleas most certainly are. 37 degrees Fahrenheit is pretty darn cold, and while a butterfly wouldn’t stand a chance in such an environment a flea can tolerate it. And then there’s reproductive capacities; can you imagine having two thousand siblings? Enough said about that, and a big reason why fleas are such prolific pests to the extent they are.

Revolution Plus without vet prescription may stem the tide somewhat, but good grief it’s one heck of a tide to stem! Here’s some other very interesting flea facts:

  • As few as 4 female cat fleas feeding four times a day will add up to some 1600 bites over the course of 3.5 months
  • Flea larvae eat the feces of adult fleas, and it provides nourishment crucial to their development
  • It’s estimated that for every flea a pet owner finds on their dog or cat, there’s an additional 100 out of sight – both on the pet AND in the surrounding area

More on the Appeal of Revolution Plus without Vet Prescription

Everyone wants to make the best choice when it comes to deciding on a consumer product, especially when it affects a loved one – in this case, your cat. By this point we’re going to assume that you’re sold on Revolution Plus without vet prescription, so let’s conclude things here with some basic usage guidelines that are important for all consumers to understand.

For starters, Revolution plus should not be given to kittens that are younger than 8 weeks of age or weigh less than 2.8 pounds. This is very important, and this guideline must be adhered to by every pet owner intending to use the medication. In addition, do not apply to any area of your cat’s body where they have broken skin, or a flesh wound of any type – even a scratch.

Also be aware that bathing your cat (is there a cat on earth that tolerates bathing well?) anytime in the 24 hours following application of the medication may reduce its effectiveness. Be aware as well that if your cat has ear mites that you do NOT spray Revolution Plus into your cat’s ears to address this problem. Revolution Plus should only be applied on the outside skin of the animal, and there is never any need to massage it into the skin.

Lastly, Revolution Plus is a flammable product and must be kept away from heat sources.

Buy Revolution Plus

Wrap Up

Every cat owner is going to have the utmost respect and appreciation for everything their veterinarian does for their pet. They’ll be plenty of smiles and cordial greetings exchanged every time they have to make a visit to his or her office, but it’s a fact that most people are only going to force their cat into the kennel cab and cart them across town if they absolutely have to. That’s why being able to get Revolution Plus for cats without vet prescription is such a benefit for cat owners who want a quality flea medicine for cats that doesn’t require a prescription and can be purchased from their pharmacy or pet store.

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