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Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for Cats. Is one Better?

Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for Cats

It’s natural that people become very attached to their pets. It’s also likely fair to say that some pets are more well suited to being endearing than others. For example, even the most passionate tropical fish collector isn’t going to have the same connection to their pet as a dog or cat owner would.

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Submersion in water issue aside, we could also say the same thing about a hamster or a hedgehog. There’s no denying that dog and cat owners have deep connections with their pets, and anything that causes their pet distress takes a toll on their emotions.

Which brings us to fleas. They’re the most common parasite to cause cats distress, and there are several medicated flea treatments for cats. Is Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for cats a better choice? Both have good customer reviews and are regarded as being very effective medications.

Let’s have a look at this today, and then also look at some amazing cat stories in the interest of making this a little less dry. How about it?

Revolution Plus vs. Frontline Plus

Alright, the two flea medications for cats under the microscope. Revolution or Frontline Plus for Cats – is one a better choice than the other for your cat? We’ll start with how readily available these medications are. A pet owner who’s weighing Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for cats and would prefer to NOT have to make a trip to the vet may find Frontline Plus more appealing. That’s because it’s available without a prescription, while you’ll needs a vet’s prescription for Revolution.

Next up, we have the issue of how many parasites either medication is effective at preventing. Yes, the main target here is the fleas, but one of the major differences when it comes to Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for cats is that Frontline Plus only protects against biting insects. This means it works for fleas and ticks, but it doesn’t defend against parasitic worms too like Revolution does. Revolution kills fleas and ticks, along with roundworms, hookworms, and heartworms.

If your cat is often outdoors, Revolution Plus might be a better choice for your cat. The problem with intestinal worms is that they’re more difficult to detect and heartworm can be a real threat to your cat’s life. For this reason, Revolution Plus gets high marks for cat owners who want all around protection. Considering that’s likely all cat owners, it tilts the advantage with Revolution Plus vs. Frontline Plus towards the Revolution Plus medication.

Amazing Cat Stories

There are some amazing stories attached to animals of all different sorts over the course of history, but of course we’re naturally more drawn to those that involve dogs and cats. We’ll start here with the story of the French Farmer’s Cat. Sometime around the middle part of the last century there was a farmer in the rural countryside of France named Alfonse Mondry. Misele was the name of Alfonse’s cat, and she was left alone when the then 82-year old Alfonse was taken to a hospital 9 miles away from the farm.

Not willing to be apart from her master, Misele set out and somehow managed to cross rock quarries, forests, cattle fields and a pair of busy highways all on her own before arriving at the hospital and then even being able to find Alfonse’s room in the hospital. Amazing!

Next up we have the story of a cat named Simon. He was cat who lived a life very different from that of most other cats. He was a crew member aboard the Royal English Navy ship the H.M.S. Amethyst in the years just following World War II. Simon provided welcome companionship for the sailors, but his primary duty on board the vessel was to do what comes naturally to cats – eliminate rodents!

On April 20, 149 the Amethyst was on the Yangtze River when it came under attack. Simon was wounded in the attack, but instead of falling over and being incapacitated by his injuries he actually started killing scores of rats that had been frightened out of their hiding places by the explosions. Fortunately, Simon survived the attack and his amazing feat was well documented by the sailors who witnessed it.

Not surprisingly, when the ship returned to England Simon received the Dickin Medal, which is the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross.

Back to Comparing Flea Meds for Cats

We said we’d compare Frontline Plus and Revolution Plus for Cats, and that’s what we’ll continue to do. Other considerations that cat owners may want to look at here include:

  • Frontline Plus is proven safe for pregnant cats, while Revolution Plus is not
  • Revolution Plus starts working more quickly – killing fleas within 6 hours, as compared to 12 for Frontline
  • There are reports of a considerable number of pets that have skin reactions to Frontline Plus, while there is no such feedback for Revolution Plus.

Another factor that you might want to consider is that while Revolution is a more multi-threat medication for parasites, Frontline is effective at repelling mosquitoes. These airborne pests are particularly bad in certain areas of North America in the summer, so that’s something that may sway you as well.

Finally, we’ll get to a big-time factor for many people – price. Indeed, the cost of the medication is going to be an integral part of whether they decide on Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for cats. Well, Frontline Plus is generally slightly less expensive than Revolution Plus for individual package purchases but when you’re buying in quantity the opposite tends to be true – Revolution Plus is less expensive.

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However, the difference is often less than $5 either way. In conclusion, both products are excellent and have great success records. One thing to ALWAYS keep in mind for these types of medications is to read the use guidelines on the packaging very thoroughly and make sure you’re using it safely for your cat.

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