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Protecting Your Dog from Heartworms: Benefits of Nuheart Tablets

protecting your dog from heartworms

A small number of pet owners are going to be cardiologists, but most people who own dogs or cats aren’t going to be in a medical profession of any sort. Here’s the thing; even the best heart doctors may not be aware that their dog has contracted heartworms. That’s because, in the early stages of infection, there are few if any, signs of heartworm infection to be seen. In this early stage, you’ll get the best results from treating heartworms, and by treating, we mean killing them ASAP. Protecting your dog from heartworms involves taking a heartworm preventative like Nuheart.

What regular 1x per month dosing with this medication means is that even if your dog does get heartworms, the active medication in Nuheart is waiting and ready to eliminate them quickly and effectively. The problem is ‘nipped in the bud’ as the expression goes, and in truth, both you and your dog will never know that the potential health risk even existed. Ivermectin is a ruthless parasiticide, and it will kill all the worm microfilariae as soon as they enter the bloodstream.

They’ll have never stood a chance, and as a pet owner that’s a beautiful thing. This is the long and short of protecting your dog from heartworms – make sure they take their dog heartworm medication without fail every month, and you’re then allowed to rest easy without having to worry about parasitic worms in dogs, and heartworms especially.

Additional benefits of Nuheart tablets can be that is a flavored heartworm chewable that dogs are going to always be happy to eat. No more having to fold pet medication into cheese to get your dog to eat it! The next thing you’ll like about Nuheart is that it is available in a generic equivalent, unlike another popular heartworm killer medication in Heartgard.

Indoor / Outdoor Dogs 

That’s a valid consideration with protecting your dog from heartworms too, and if high prices on pet Rx medications are an issue for you then you should order heartworm medication from us. All the reasons why we can fill pet prescriptions online and provide lower prices on pet medications would fill 3+ blog entries on their own, so let’s just state the facts and move on.

Some dogs are indoor dogs, and others are the type that is always at the door hoping to be let out for long stretches of the day. That heartworms come from mosquito bites is common knowledge, and that’s something that even cardiologist dog owners will know. So obviously, an outdoor dog is going to be more at risk of getting heartworms just because the likelihood of multiple mosquito bites is so much higher for them.

But everyone will also know that mosquitoes can make their way indoor plenty easily too, so one of the things you can do if you live in heartworm-heavy areas of the USA is to install screens on the windows of your home. You’ll still be able to keep the home cool at times of the year when it’s too hot and the same times when mosquitoes are at their most active. This can be part of protecting your dog from heartworms too because there will be fewer mosquitoes that can fly into your living space. 

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