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Profender Topical Worm Prevention for Cats

profender for cats

The term that many children will use to describe worms is ‘icky’, and while cats don’t voice their opinions, they probably find worms similarly unappealing. When it comes to parasitic worms like tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms if they knew the damage those worms can do to their health the dislike factor would be cranked up in a big way. Your cat isn’t capable of protecting itself from worms on its own, but with a medication like Profender for cats you can be the health aid your cat needs.

Heartworms are the biggest threat to your cat’s health, and while intestinal worms aren’t going to be a threat to your pet’s life like heartworms, they can still be very problematic. And here’s another point to consider if you’re not seeing this as a real priority; if your cat has worms and you don’t address the problem, then you may well end up getting the worms yourself. A call to action? Certainly, this is one. It’s important to be prompt and proactive when getting rid of worms in cats, and it goes without saying that preventing worms in cats is even better.

It’s true that if your cat is an ‘indoor’ cat there’s less likelihood of them getting worms, but it’s certainly no guarantee. Plus, cats that love to roam outdoors should be accommodated as that’s probably a big part of their enjoyment in life. One thing that applies to all cats is they don’t like being force fed medication, and another big advantage with Profender for cats is it’s a topical dewormer medication that’s put on the skin and then slowly makes its way into the intestinal tract to eliminate worms.

There are 3 types of intestinal worms that this medication targets as well as specific symptoms you can look for as indications that your cat has worms. It may be difficult to stop your cat from getting worms, but it’s not difficult to ensure that the worms life span is cut short.

Nasty Critters

Seeing your cat losing weight or even becoming visibly emaciated can mean the pet has tapeworms. These nasty critters are parasites in every sense of the term, especially with the way they help themselves to the nutrition your cat consumes when you’re feeding him or her. We can all agree that cat food is not inexpensive, so you can and should be plenty peeved that these worms are eating on your dime. The question then becomes how to treat tapeworms in cats. While there are other medications out there Profender for cats is as good as any of them.

Another symptom of a tapeworm infection in cats is vomiting. Tapeworms also shed sections of their body, and sometimes owners will notice strange looking lengths of translucent material in their litter box deposits. Fleas are often part of the equation here as the most common tapeworm is the flea tapeworm and cats get it when the swallow infected adult fleas. It’s for this reason that a cat flea treatment can go a long way too when it comes to preventing tapeworms

Hook Elsewhere

Hookworms are equally nasty as they latch onto the lining of the cat’s intestine and then feed on their blood. Surely you and your cat will agree that’s entirely unacceptable and so it’s best to use Profender for cats. Be on the lookout for signs of a hookworm infection, which can include anemia (general body weakness) and blood in bowel movements or vomit. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for cats to get these types of worms with the main reason being why so many owners will want to know how to kill worms in cats.

A dewormer medication is pretty much your only choice, and if you have doubts about which one is best then you can speak to a veterinarian or even the knowledgeable folks at your local pet store. And here’s another reason to be committed to killing worms in cats – you can get hookworms too if you walk barefoot over top of hookworm larvae. In these cases what will happen is the larvae burrow into your skin and cause extreme itching.

Nasty critters indeed!

Getting Rid of Rounders

Roundworms are the worms that cats get most frequently, and not surprising they’re equally nasty. Profender for cats kills roundworms too and that’s a darn good thing. If you see your cat developing a pot belly for no explainable reason, then that could be roundworms. Other signs of a roundworm infection in cats can be vomiting, lethargy (low energy levels), diarrhea, and visible deterioration of the quality of their fur coat.

The added risk with roundworms is that they end up in cat feces and in some cases other pets may ingest them this way. Use Profender for cats and you’ll be ensuring that all 3 of these types of worms don’t stand a chance.

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