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How Long Does Capstar Last?

oral flea medication for cats

All animals have biological impetuses, meaning things they are hardwired to do based on the nature of their inherent mental makeup and in many cases thousands of years of habituation. A cat isn’t going to dig holes all over your mother’s garden, but there are plenty of dogs that absolutely can’t help themselves there. Turns out insects have those same impulses, and for fleas that would definitely be biting. To mention cats and dogs again it’s true that both can get fleas, but everyone always associates them with dogs first. An oral flea medication for cats like Capstar reliably gets rid of fleas for the felines.

The Capstar flea pill is not the only flea and tick prevention med for cats, but it is one of the more well-known ones for one specific reason – it kills fleas on cats fast. There are a lot of countries you can travel across in less than 6 hours, and in that same period of time Capstar will have killed pretty much the entirety of the fleas and ticks on your cat. That’s fast for an oral flea medication for cats, and although it would be tough to get your cat to take a bath at any time, if you did you’d see plenty of evidence floating down the drain. It is often used along with a flea comb, something your cat will tolerate.

They might even find it enjoyable, but one thing that they will for certain find enjoyable is not having the incessant itching that flea bites cause. We went on at length about bites to begin with here, and that’s because it’s the fleas and ticks and their inability to not bite that ends up spelling their doom when you’ve given your cat the Capstar flea pill. We’ll talk more here about how that works and more on which oral flea medication for cats might be best for you.

Best for Flea Allergy Dermatitis

As strange as it may be to suggest, dogs and cats that only have to deal with incessant itching and scratching because of fleas may have it good compared to the potential impact fleas could have. Some cats get flea allergy dermatitis and that means a whole lot more on the suffering scale – redness, open wounds, and even oozing sores in the worst of cases. A tapeworm infection can make this condition even more severe, and cats can also develop mange the same way dogs can if flea allergy dermatitis is left unchecked.

An oral flea medication for cats is a necessity but if your dog does still get dermatitis then one very helpful decision you can make is to begin applying diluted apple cider vinegar to the affected skin areas as a natural cure for flea allergy dermatitis. It is very soothing and promotes better healing of the skin and it is recommended if taking a Capstar flea pill isn’t quite enough for getting rid of fleas and the after-effects of fleas being on the dog.

The other consideration around an oral flea medication for cats here is that many times a cat owner will have more than one feline in their home, and that becomes an issue with flea prevention for cats too because most cats like to get close and interact with each other in the same way dogs do. Fleas are perfectly happy to migrate onto another animal and they are very capable jumpers. All the more reason to ensure all the cats in your home are taking an oral flea medication for cats so that none of them have to deal with fleas, and you don’t either.

Look Cat in the Mouth

How long does Capstar last? These types of medications do not provide any type of long-term protection from fleas on cats or dogs. There are monthly flea and tick preventatives you can take, but Capstar is best used as a spot treatment oral flea medication for cats that you give to your pet to get rid of fleas quickly. If they get fleas again, then you would give them a second tablet. Pets that get fleas regularly would be better served using a monthly flea and tick killer like Program.

Owners of cats that get fleas from time to time and are using the Capstar flea pill will do well to know the signs of fleas even if their cat is not scratching a lot. One of the lesser-known signs that a cat has fleas is pale gums and so if you have any suspicions take a peak inside your cat’s mouth the next time it yawns – something cats tend to do quite frequently as they get ready to curl up for a good sleep. Get a prescription for an oral flea medication for cats and get rid of those darn parasites.

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