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The Best Nuheart Heartworm Tablets Reviews Online

Nuheart Heartworm Tablets Reviews

One of the most serious and highly fatal diseases that's common in dogs is the heartworm infection. Not only does it spread quite easily, but if the disease is left untreated, it can eventually develop into foot-long worms that, then, reside in lungs, hearts, as well as the associated blood vessels of the dog that has been affected. As a result, many essential organs are damaged. Many people tend to use Nuheart Heartworm tablets as a cure. Let's see if it's really an effective medication.

How do heartworms infect the dog?

According to conducted research, when mosquitos carrying the infective heartworm larvae bite the dog, they infect the canine and often leave them susceptible to heartworms. The larvae then travel through the body until they reach the heart as well as the blood vessels in the lungs.

In approximately six months, the larvae reach its target organs and then continue to grow inside the lungs and the heart of the dog. In fact, an adult heartworm can even grow up to around 12 inches in length!

Once they reach the adult stage, the heartworms start to reproduce and release microfilariae into the bloodstream which are basically immature heartworms. Then, when a mosquito bites the dog that has been infected with microfilariae, the organism moves into the body of the mosquito, matures and is then passed on to the next dog. In this manner, the parasite's life cycle continues and spreads to another host.

The risk factors that are associated with this disease also include exposure to mosquitos, lack of the right preventative medicines, and living in endemic regions.

How do heartworms affect the dog?

It can take a number of years before a dog starts to show any clinical signs of a heartworm infection. Therefore, the disease is most commonly diagnosed in dogs that are between two and eight years old. The disease rarely affects that are less than a year old since it can take up to seven months for the microfilariae to grow into adult heartworms. However, by the time the dog shows clinical signs, the disease has advanced significantly.

Meanwhile, the adult heartworms can cause disease by clogging not only the heart but also the major blood vessels that lead away from the heart. Moreover, they can also interfere with the natural action of valves for proper functioning of the heart. Once the main blood vessel is clogged, the supply of blood to the other organs is also reduced, particularly the natural flow of blood to the kidneys, liver, and lungs because of the organs malfunction.

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Symptoms of heartworms in dogs

While the symptoms of this disease do depend on how severe the infection is, some common symptoms include poor body condition, intolerance to exercise, and coughing.

Similarly, the most common signs of the heartworm disease include a dry and soft cough, loss of stamina, listlessness, weakness, shortness of breath, and nervousness. These signs are quite noticeable and are followed by exercise. In fact, some dogs might even become disoriented or even faint. Your vet might also notice abnormal heart and lung sounds when he or she listens to the dog's chest with a stethoscope.

In some advanced cases, the legs and abdomen can swell from fluid accumulation, and congestive heart failure might also be apparent. Evidence of anemia, poor condition, and weight loss might also be evident. In fact, some severely infected dogs can also die all of a sudden during excitement or exercise.

How do vets diagnose heartworm disease?

In a majority of cases, a simple blood test will be enough to diagnose such a dangerous disease. However, you might need other diagnostic tests to determine if it is safe for the dog to undergo the recommended treatment for fighting heartworm disease.

Treatment for heartworm disease

Initially, dogs diagnosed with heartworm disease will receive all the treatments required to stabilize their condition. Then, medication will be given to the dog in order to kill the circulating microfilariae. There are a number of medicines that can help dogs survive heartworm disease.

Best Nuheart heartworm tablets

According to available Nuheart reviews online, Nuheart is the best medicine for helping pet dogs battle heartworms. It has the same ingredients that are present in Ivermectin, the medicine recommended by vets around the globe for preventing heartworm in dogs. Ivermectin protects your canine pet from these heartworms by killing the larvae.

The small size of Nuheart Heartworm ensures that there is a less chance of your dog rejecting it, increasing the chances of your pet swallowing the tablet. Furthermore, the tablet has a sweet, meat flavor so that dogs take it readily and don't cause too much of a hassle when it is time for administering the medicine. Moreover, something that people appreciate a lot in their Nuheart heartworm tablets reviews is that for dogs that make it difficult to take medicines, Nuheart can be dissolved in water and then mixed with the dog's food.


Sentinel, alternatively called program plus, containing lufenuron and milbemycin oxime, is an oral preventive that is efficient against whipworms, adult hookworms, adult roundworms, along with heartworms. Moreover, it also prevents flea eggs from developing.

Heartgard Plus

This medicine offers protection against heartworms and is known to control and serve as treatment for hookworms and roundworms too. It is also one of the highly recommended medicines for preventing heartworms. This medicine contains Pyrantel and Ivermectin. It is a chewable tablet for dogs. Take note that it is also suitable for stud, breeding, and pregnant dogs.

Sentinel Spectrum

Sentinel spectrum is quite similar to Sentinel and contains Praziquantel, Lufenuron, and Milbemycin oxime. It is also an oral preventive that protects dogs from not only heartworms, but also adult whipworms, hookworms, and roundworms as well. Just like Sentinel, Sentinel spectrum also prevents flea eggs from developing in puppies that are more than 6 weeks old. The primary difference between Sentinel and this medicine is that it contains Praziquantel; a chemical that is effective against tapeworms.


Revolution, which is also called Stronghold is another parasiticide which can help dogs fight heartworm disease. It is a broad-spectrum, systemically acting, FDA-approved drug. It has a well-designed safety profile and is known for providing excellent protection for both cats and dogs against various parasites.

Wrapping it up

Heartworm disease can be fatal for your pet dog if not treated properly. That's why it's important to know about available medication. According to Nuheart Heartworm tablets reviews, this medication can help your pet get back to living a healthy life.

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