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What is the Most Effective Topical Pain Reliever

What is the Most Effective Topical Pain Reliever

Good thing humans aren’t made of porcelain, or we’d have been irreparably broken in our youth and tossed into the trash. Fortunately, the human body tends to be resilient and is pretty good with being able to absorb impacts or taking a fall from time to time. This goes for horses too, and we will all have times when things happen to cause prolonged and intolerable pain. And then there’s way that the body is not what it used to be when you get old, and that also applies to equine friends. So, what is the most effective topical pain reliever for horses? We really like Equi Block DT formula.  

For starters, it is an OTC and that means you don’t need to have a prescription to buy it. But more importantly for horse owners it is very effective as a horse pain relief cream for arthritis. It can provide the same type of relief for minor sprains and strains and may also be effective when the animal seems to have a tendon or ligament pull. The reason you won’t need a prescription to buy this cream is because there is no Rx in it, and instead the only active ingredient in the cream is capsaicin, the same stuff that makes the ghost peppers a lot of people like as hot as they are.  

Some horse owners might be a little perplexed about something your find a pepper and can offer pain relief for horses, but the way it works is that capsaicin blocks pain signals to be able travel from the site of the injury or chronic condition. This is related to what is the most effective topical pain reliever too because it highlights how this cream works, and it is based on a formula that has been used for nearly a century now and can be even more helpful when paired with a good massage.  

Good for Overexertion  

Horses are often working animals too, and of course some of them are responsible for giving people trail rides and the like in certain parts of the country. But even horses that spend most of the time in the pasture chatting up the fillies and seeing which one of them might put out may find themselves sore because of an overexertion injury. Right here it is about what is the most effective topical pain reliever too, and especially if there is some urgency for the animal to get back into the mix or ensuring future generations of workhorses.  

There is not much more that needs to be said about how well this OTC pain reliever works for horses. But it is understandable when someone feels they need to find a lower price on something, and that may be an additional consideration that goes along with what is the most effective topical pain reliever. Here at World Pet Express, our Equi-Block for horses is nearly 1/3 of what you would pay at a US pet or equine specialty store, so we imagine the choice is easy. Get all your pet supplies from Canada.  

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