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Is Sentinel Spectrum Safe for Dogs

is sentinel spectrum safe for dogs

Heartworms happen, and there’s nothing your dog can do about it unless they somehow find a way to have no exposure to the outside world. Mosquitoes are everywhere, and there’s nothing either of you can do about that too. But you can do something to keep your dog safe from heartworms, and what nearly every pet owner will do with that aim is to give their dog or cat a heartworm-preventative medication that keeps them always protected from heartworms. Let’s talk about one of the more popular ones, is Sentinel Spectrum safe for dogs? Absolutely it is. 

Medication for pets needs to be approved by the FDA in the same way meds for humans do. There is a lot of clinical testing that goes into determining the safety of pet medication, and Virbac (the manufacturer of Sentinel Spectrum) will have spent plenty to ensure their heartworm prevention chewable is entirely safe for use with your pet. So, you can be assured that Sentinel Spectrum is safe for pregnant dogs too. 

The threat of heartworms is very real, and there are areas like the Lower US Southeast where the incidence of heartworm infections and other mosquito-borne diseases in dogs is much higher. If this is where you reside, then you need to be even more committed to getting your dog on a heartworm prevention medication. This can be connected to asking if Sentinel Spectrum is safe for dogs because giving your dog a heartworm chew is something that you’ll be doing once every month for your entire life.

That means an awful lot of dosages, so you will want to be entirely convinced that there’s no way the medication might harm your pet. Rest easy won’t. 

5-in-1 Appeal  

No matter where you live in North America, the parasite you’re going to find problematic most regularly are fleas, and the next good thing to say about is Sentinel Spectrum safe for pregnant dogs is that this heartworm killer works equally well to vanquish fleas from your pet. And heartworms aren’t the only type of worm they can eliminate too. Sentinel Spectrum can also rid your dog of roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. Flea and tick medication is safe too in the same way.

All of them are awful, and you’re going to be like any pet owner in saying that they’re not welcome inside your beloved animal. Be thankful for your dog owners in the 21st century as you ask if Sentinel Spectrum is safe for dogs because it wasn’t all that long ago when reliable parasiticides for pets didn’t exist as they do now. And when they did come to market, even as recently as 40 years ago, they weren’t as thoroughly tested for pet safety as they are now.

Sentinel Spectrum is as good a choice as any if you need a flea and heartworm combo medication for your dog or cat, and as always, the best price on it is here at World Pet Express when you order pet medication online from us. 

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