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Is Lufenuron Safe for Dogs?

is lufenuron safe for dogs

The word hirsute means to be especially hairy, and if you look back at the evolution from ape to human we’re becoming progressively less hairy all the time. Dogs and cats aren’t experiencing the same ever so slow evolutionary decrease in body hair, and that is a good thing. But it’s also the reason that dogs and cats have more problems with fleas than we do. Do fleas bite humans? They definitely do, but the reason they don’t get the opportunity to do it often is because there’s no coat to be hidden under and out of sight like there is with a dog or cat. Fleas will bite pets over and over, so a good flea and tick killer medication is needed. Program is one, but is Lufenuron safe for dogs?

Some of these types of medications need the liver and kidneys to be processed and distributed by the body, and with drugs in the same class as Lufenuron there is more or a risk of negative reactions when the medication goes through these organs. Lufenuron is filtered through the blood only, so it is considered safe by most veterinarians as long as it’s administered properly and always at the dosage indicated in the prescription. The exceptions to that are pets that have anemia, intestinal disorders, or chronic skin conditions. is Lufenuron safe for dogs? Not if they are under 6 weeks of age either.

Tell your vet of any of those occurring with your dog and he or she will let you know which flea and tick prevention medication will be best for your pooch or pussycat. What is Lufenuron used for in dogs and cats can also be expanded to include rabbits and ferrets too. Not as common as domestic pet choices, but this flea and tick control medication can be used for them too.

Chew Away

Here’s the next thing about this medication. Your dog is relying on you to determine is Lufenuron safe for dogs, and it chooses to only be into eating its tasty treat once a month. How did this go from medications to monthly treats you say? Well, it turns out they are one and the same. Program is a flea and tick chewable for dogs, and it is meat flavored so that your dog or cat thinks it’s a nice snack when – while it is a nice snack – it is also getting the flea and tick control medication into them. Fleas may be the more incessant nuisance and they’ll lay eggs for future fleas if you let them.

Ticks may be a more infrequent invader, but they can be worse as all they need is a second to bite on and the pet is at risk of getting Lyme disease. Have your dog taking Program once a month means there’s much less of a chance of this outcome playing out. And of course there’s way more mosquitoes in the woods than ticks anyways, and mosquito bites are how dogs get heartworms. Program is only for flea and tick prevention, so adding a dog dewormer medication to the monthly mix is a good idea.

Next up around is Lufenuron safe for dogs is this; owners with dogs that touched poison ivy or even sprayed by a skunk may want to be more mindful if their pet is on Program. It is safe, but it can promote hives and either event can push skin sensitivity way higher so this becomes a possibility. If this occurs near your monthly ‘treat’ time with this flea and tick chewable then it may be best delay readministering until the dog’s skin is no longer affected and super inflamed / irritated.

Ongoing Flea Flattening

Okay, this pet medication doesn’t actually crush fleas flat but it does put and end to them in a different way. It has nothing to do with is Lufenuron safe for dogs, but in a sense Program is a form of involuntarily birth control for fleas – as in no growth at all for flea larvae. Most fleas don’t live very long, and when Program is used their flea offspring don’t have the ability to grown because the adult fleas have ingested Lufenuron from the pet’s blood. So it really is a ‘one and done’ situation as the next generation of fleas quickly dies and that’s probably the end of that.

If it isn’t though, no problem. We have our answer to is Lufenuron safe for dogs, and then answer is also yes for is this a reliable flea killer medication. As long as you continue to give your dog their flea and tick chewable each month then any other fleas it picks up will also be one-and-dones. That’s everything around what is Lufenuron used for in dogs, and 9 times out of 10 it will be safe.

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