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Is Frontline Shield Safe for Dogs

Is Frontline Shield Safe for Dogs

Physiology is inflexible. We are all given one body and it is ours to work with whether we like it or not. Drummers have always been popular with women, but do you think ladies would be as enamored with one if he had 3 arms? Unlikely, but the drummer would be thrilled at the potential and indifferent to looking like a character from Total Recall. How does this connect to flea and tick prevention for dogs? Another physiological reality is that dogs can only crane their necks far left or right. Is Frontline Shield safe for dogs? It is, and for this very reason.

This is a flea and tick solution that contains not just one parasiticide, but three of them. Any Permethrin, Fipronil, or Pyriproxyfen could be harmful for your dog if they were to be ingested orally. But there is no danger if this topical flea and tick medication is absorbed into the skin. It is here that we explain the whole physiology factor and the way that it is WHERE you place this medication on your dog that makes it entirely safe, even for dogs that are chronically weak because of atrophy resulting from canine neuropathy.

Frontline Shield is just like all topical medications for fleas in that it always goes right at the base of the animal’s neck between the shoulder blades. Earlier we talked about dogs only being able to crane their necks so far one way or the other, and now you are beginning to see how this relates to is Frontline Shield safe for dogs. They simply cannot get their tongue to that part of their body, and so the medication is going to be left undisturbed and safely absorbed into the skin.

Grab n’ Go

There is not much more to say about Frontline Shield being safe for dogs, as it really is and the fact it is an OTC medication reinforces that. You do not need a prescription to buy it, and if you know how the US FDA is also inflexible about drug safety standards. If there was a greater chance of misuse or harm from improper handling, then it would be available over the counter. This medication is safe, and the fact you can grab it and go means that there is not much risk to pets or people when a dog is having Frontline Shield applied 1x monthly.

What we will mention as well here around is Frontline Shield safe for dogs before we go is that using flea and tick prevention medication is a year in-and-out thing for pet owners. If it would be great to find a better price on a year’s supply of your dog’s medication – Rx or OTC – then you will do well to order pet medication online from Canada and there is no better resource for doing that than right here at World Pet Express.

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