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Worm Worries? Interceptor Plus for Dogs

Worm Worries? Interceptor Plus for Dogs

If you love the tastiest fruits and veggies – and who doesn’t – then you have to be a fan of earthworms. Their ways of doing things are essential to good, healthy soil and that type of soil is a major factor in good produce. And of course if you’re a trout fisherman you probably like worms for an entirely different reason. So while some worms are good, other ones are decidedly bad. The worst of the bunch are heartworms, and specifically because they can end your dog’s life long before their time if allowed to continue unchecked. Interceptor Plus for dogs is your way of saying that’s not going to happen.

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Now of course no dog owner is going to choose not to kill heartworms if they’re aware their dog has them. But that’s the catch here with preventing heartworms in dogs – it’s very difficult to actually know your dog has them before the damage really starts to get done. Which is why being able to identify heartworm symptoms in dogs early is very important. This is definitely something you want to nip in the bud, as the expression goes.

And in truth the best way to do that is to be proactive in preventing heartworms in dogs by using a once-a-month heartworm prevention medication for dogs like Interceptor Plus for dogs. It’s not the only one of these types of dewormer medications, but it is one of the most reputable ones available to pet owners in America. There’s a lot of reasons why it’s so popular, and that’s what we’ll spend the bulk of our time talking about here.

Choosing to Chew

The most logical place to start with our discussion on why Interceptor Plus for dogs might be the better choice is here. Most dogs won’t find a standard medication tablet of any sort particularly appetizing. In fact, many dog owners have to mush the pill into wet dog food or even a piece of cheddar cheese in order to get their dog to swallow it without any fuss. Heartworm prevention here isn’t nearly as complicated and there certainly won’t be any cheddar cheese required.

This is because Interceptor Plus for dogs is actually a flavored heartworm prevention chewable, and as you would guess that makes it something that dogs are all too happy to eat as soon as you offer it to them. In fact, they won’t even know it’s medication! But it certainly is, and what’s great about it as well is that it’s chicken and not beef flavored so that any animal with a beef allergy can still take it.

And the biggest piece of good news regarding this medication is that it’s a multi-spectrum parasiticide. Fancy word there for sure, but what parasiticide means is ‘parasite killer’ in everyday language. And by multi-spectrum what is meant is that Interceptor Plus for dogs doesn’t only kill heartworms. If you want to kills worms in dogs – all worms – then it’s a better choice because it also kills hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, and tapeworms.

This puts it all out there pretty plainly. Pet owners like that they can take care of all worm threats with just one quick and easy move once every month. Simply flipping their dog a tasty treat! And of course the dog thinks it’s a perfectly suitable arrangement too.

More Proactive Prevention

As we’ve detailed, heartworms are the most dangerous of parasitic worms that can infect dogs. And specifically because they can cause congestive heart failure leading to death. The long and short of it really is that it’s almost impossible to prevent heartworms from entering your dog, but it’s very possible and quite basic when it comes to killing heartworms. The reason for the first part of that is because the heartworm eggs are transferred into your dog’s bloodstream via mosquito bites.

Need Inceptor Plus without a vet prescription?

So unless you’re going to keep your dog locked indoors all the time (which isn’t an option of course), then mosquito bites will happen and the chance of a heartworm infection exists. But if yours is taking Interceptor Plus for dogs then those heartworm larvae will be killed in the same way the adults worms will be. It definitely reinforces the idea that being proactive with heartworm prevention is the way to go, and there are other approaches to preventing heartworms for dog owners.

Last but not least, there’s going to be the issue of having those dead worms expelled from your dog. When it comes to tapeworms in particular, mixing some ground raw pumpkin seeds into your dog’s food can be a good idea. But when it comes to killing worms in dogs the first and foremost action is always going to be using a parasiticide for dogs like Interceptor Plus for dogs.

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