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How to Use Kwik Stop Styptic Powder

How to Use Kwik Stop Styptic Powder

Some things are so simple and straightforward it is hard to get it wrong. Like using a mechanical pencil sharpener. If it is possible to put the pencil tip all the way into the opening and turn the handle without sharpening the pencil, then it is something we never saw once over 12 years of public school. Styptic pencils are entirely different, and men use them for shaving cuts. Kwik Stop has the same ability to stop bleeding for pets, and dog owners will want to know how to use Kwik Stop styptic powder.  

It really could not be any simpler, all you need to do is dab the powder onto the animal’s wound in a moderate amount. Allow it to remain in place and as it starts to work the bleeding will stop and over time the wound will start to scab over. That is the start of the healing process and there is not much more you need to know about how to use Kwik Stop styptic powder. Put it and the dog bleeding will stop and because the powder contains benzocaine it will also numb the pain. Scrapes and cuts happen for all of us, and that is the way it goes for most pets too.  

The only part of the treatment that may require more of you is if the wound needs to be cleaned before you apply Kwik Stop. As mentioned, this powder does very well to accelerate the scab process and that means the wound heals completely faster. You may need to use some type of product like isopropyl alcohol to clean a dirty cut on a dog the same way you do for yourself, and yes, it is a nasty momentary sting for them too but that is just the way it goes.  

Stop Licks  

The next thing we will say about how to use Kwik Stop styptic powder is that you also need to make sure there is no way your dog will be able to lick the powder off the cut once you have applied it. Dogs find Elizabethan collars vexing, but they do the job they are supposed to, even though you can be sure your dog is fully aware they look ridiculous. But they prevent licking and ensure powder stays on the wound undisturbed. You can make them quite easily or buy a ready-made one at the pet store.  

You will make sure you never have an overtightened dog collar, and if you are going to make an Elizabethan collar for dogs then you should make sure it is only snug around your pet’s neck. There are plenty of YouTube videos you can watch to learn how to do it, and it is equally as easy as how to use Kwik Stop styptic powder. Order all your pet medication from Canada and World Pet Express, including first aid supplies for dogs like this effective cut powder.  

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