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How Much Does Pet Insulin Cost

How Much Does Pet Insulin Cost

Life is full of unexpected costs, and there are some things you simply have no choice but to afford. Pets are family, and interestingly, dogs develop diabetes more often than cats do. However, it's not only overweight dogs with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet that develop diabetes. In some cases, it can occur when a dog has a predisposition to produce less insulin or has reduced insulin function. Thus, even a slim and trim dog can develop diabetes as they age. If your dog has diabetes, you may be wondering what you're in for and how much does pet insulin cost

Hypurin for dogs is one of the more commonly prescribed pet insulin medications and is known to work very well for glucose control because it is the pet equivalent of Humalog / Humulin. This brand is well-known among two-legged diabetics. 

The formulation is much the same and is equally effective for blood sugar control in dogs. For dogs that are overweight, it is usually a good idea to help them become a little leaner to maximize the benefits of Hypurin-R. 

Insulin can be expensive, but pet insulin tends to be somewhat more affordable. It is more common for homes with multiple pets, including dogs and cats, to consider health insurance for pets as diabetes is among the various health deterioration risks as pets age. 

Saving money on pet medications is only one of the benefits of having insurance. However, if you are specifically focused on where to purchase Hypurin regular, you can also order pet medication from Canada and here at World Pet Express. 

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So, let's get right to how much pet insulin costs. At most storefront pharmacies in the USA, you'll likely find it for around $75 or so for 3ml of the 100units/ml vials. How long this supply lasts will vary based on their dosage and the frequency of injections, so this price may or may not be affordable depending on your pet's needs. If you need to find a lower price, it's best to order your dog's insulin from Canada. 

The last point to make about pet insulin costs is that you need to take the same precautions as you would with insulin for humans. Insulin needs to be kept refrigerated, which will be clearly stated on the dog insulin packaging, including Hypurin-R for dogs. If you're not comfortable giving your dog injections, there are pet clinics that can assist you. 

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