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What is Heartworm Sentinel Spectrum Dogs & where you can buy it?

Buying heartworm sentinel spectrum for dogs

Heartworm is a severe condition that causes heart failure, lung disease, other organ damage, and even death in pets primarily dogs, cats, and ferrets. A parasitic worm, as the name suggests, is responsible for such a disease. As a pet owner, Heartworm Sentinel Spectrum is a medicine you should know about.

Buy Heartworm Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs

How does the heartworm infection spread to your pet dog?

The heartworm infection is spread by a parasitic worm known as Dirofilaria immitis, commonly called heartworm. These worms are transmitted to your pet through mosquito bites. Your pet dog becomes the definitive host which means that these worms grow and reproduce while living inside your dog. These worms are known as heartworms because they live in the lungs, heart, and associated blood vessels of the infected animal.

The female heartworm reproduces while living inside an infected dog. The offspring, known as microfilariae, are released into the bloodstream of the dog. When a mosquito drinks from an infected dog, it also becomes infected. These microfilariae develop into larvae within 10 to 14 days while they are inside the mosquito. This infective larva is then transmitted to another dog through the bite of an infected mosquito. It takes from 6 to 7 months for these infective larvae to grow into adult heartworm in an infected dog. Heartworm disease can only spread as a result of a mosquito bite.

How to test your pet dog for heartworms?

You can get your dog tested for heartworms by a veterinarian. There are two blood tests that a vet can perform to determine if your dog is infected. One test detects microfilariae in the bloodstream of your pet, but these cannot be detected until they become adult heartworms. Growing into an adult takes up to six months after your canine friend has been infected.

Antigens are heartworm proteins that are released by adult females. The antigen test can accurately detect heartworm infection, but it takes five months after being bitten to detect these proteins in your dog's bloodstream.

How regularly should you get your dog tested for heartworms?

The frequency and timing of heartworm tests depend on various factors:

  • The age at which the heartworm protection started.
  • If you forgot to give your dog heartworm prevention and how much time has elapsed.
  • If you have recently traveled with your dog to a place where this disease is more common.
  • You have changed the heartworm protection product.
  • The duration of heartworm season where you live.

It is recommended to get your dog tested before starting any heartworm prevention. It is possible for your dog to appear healthy on the outside while inside he or she may be infected. Preventatives do not kill heartworms. If you start a preventative without getting your dog tested it would remain infected with heartworm, and these preventatives could become harmful or deadly. That is why it is best to get your dog checked annually.

Symptoms of heartworm disease

The number of worms inside a dog is referred to as worm burden. The severity of the heartworm disease depends on the number of worms inside your dog, how long has it been infected, and how your dog responds to heartworm infestation in the body.

The symptoms of this disease are not easily detected in dogs with low worm burden or those who are recently infected.

There are four stages of heartworm disease:

  • In the first stage, the dog may experience mild symptoms like an occasional cough.
  • In the second stage, your dog will experience an occasional cough and will become tired after moderate activity.
  • During the third stage, your dog will have trouble breathing, a persistent cough, and will feel tired even after mild activity.
  • The last stage is also known as caval syndrome. In this stage, the heavy worm burden makes it impossible for the blood to flow back towards the heart because the arteries are physically blocked by a large number of worms. This is a fatal stage, and the only treatment option is surgery. This can be risky and can lead to the dog's death. Not all dogs suffering from heartworm disease face the caval syndrome, but if this disease is not treated promptly, it can damage the dog's lungs, liver, kidneys, and heart ultimately causing death.

Heartworm sentinel spectrum - the best preventative treatment

Heartworm sentinel spectrum dog is an oral preventative that safeguards your canine pet against adult roundworms, heartworms, whipworms, and adult hookworms. It also helps to prevent the growth and development of flea eggs. Take note that it is a monthly preventative and should be started when your puppy is 6 weeks old. It also contains active ingredients that help take care of tapeworms.

What dosage of heartworm sentinel spectrum dogs is suitable?

These chewable tablets are available in four colors - blue, green, yellow and orange. They are color-coded according to their strengths, and you should choose one according to your pet dog's weight. It should be given every month to safeguard your dog against pain and discomfort.

If you live in a place where heartworm transmission is seasonal, then you should start heartworm sentinel spectrum dog at the start of the transmission season and continue until after one month it has ended. In places where heartworm transmission is not seasonal, then it should be given throughout the year. Most dogs eat heartworm sentinel spectrum directly, but if your dog is picky then try hiding it in its food.

Any sentinel spectrum side effects?

Heartworm sentinel spectrum is very safe and can be given to all dogs including breeding males, pregnant females, and puppies. If your dog is already on a preventative medication, then consult your vet before switching to sentinel spectrum. Sentinel spectrum does not kill adult fleas so if your dog has a flea infestation, then use appropriate medication. Some sentinel spectrum side effects include vomiting, digestive problems, increased heartrate, and general discomfort.

Buy Heartworm Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs

Wrapping it up

Pet owners cannot contract heartworm from their pets. It is transmitted only through a mosquito bite. The treatment of this disease is very costly for a pet owner and painful for the dog. It can cause serious complications that can result in the death of your pet. That is why knowing about the proper treatment through administering heartworm sentinel spectrum is important.

Heartworm sentinel spectrum for dogs is currently available. However, do consult your vet regarding proper dosage to avoid any possible sentinel spectrum side effects.

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