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Buying Heartgard without Vet Prescription

Heartgard without Vet Prescription

With mosquito season appearing every year, as a pet owner you might have already heard about heartworms from other pet owners along with the pain they bring and the need for an effective medicine for preventing the dreaded heartworm disease. Of course, the market contains an array of options, however, one well-known preventative medicine is Heartgard. What's great is that you can get Heartgard without vet prescription.

Buy Heartgard Without Vet Prescription

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This medicine is a trusted name for the prevention of heartworms, that too for all the right reasons. Both Heartgard and the Heartgard Plus chewable tablets are ideal for keeping your dog in good health as they prevent heartworm disease while also killing intestinal worms like roundworms and hookworms.

About Heartgard

As mentioned already, Heartgard is a preventive measure for dogs. It is available in chewable, beef-flavored tablets that, when given to your dog once a month, provides continuous protection. Since Heartgard works to prevent heartworm infection along with infection from common hookworms and roundworms, you don't need to worry about these pests entering your dog's system.

Mosquitos are responsible for heartworm infection, and the chance of being bitten by an infected mosquito is present around the year. Therefore, vets recommend that you make sure your dog takes a heartworm preventative throughout the months. If you give your dog the same dose on the same date each month, then your dog will enjoy around the clock, uninterrupted protection from the different kinds of parasites!

The working mechanism of Heartgard

Since Heartgard is a preventative measure, it cannot kill adult heartworms. So, if your dog has already been infected with heartworms, then you need to look at other treatment options. Heartgard, however, does kill the larvae that grow into mature heartworms. Since the larva is killed before it can grow into an adult heartworm, your dog won't have to go through any tedious treatments recommended by a vet. Not only is treating adult heartworms stressful for the dog and its owner, but it is also quite expensive too.

When should you give Heartgard to your dog?

To enjoy the maximum benefits of Heartgard, it is recommended that you give them to your dog after exactly thirty days. As mentioned, it is better if you give this medicine to your dog on the same day every month. However, if you end up missing a dose, then you should give the right amount once you remember. If it has been more than a month, then it is better to consult your vet before giving Heartgard to your dog as there can be a chance of your dog being infected in the elapsed period.

Is it safe to give Heartgard to my dog?

Regarding pets, their safety should be an owner's priority. Heartgard, as a medicine, also understands this which is why it is safe to use for almost all dog breeds. Do take note that owners of herding dogs must take precautions.

Heartgard contains an active ingredient called Ivermectin that herding breeds like shepherds and collies are comparatively more sensitive to. If you have a herding breed, it is better to talk to your vet before giving your dog Heartgard for preventing heartworms.

Similarly, you must also make sure that you don't give Heartgard to dogs that are not yet six weeks of old. Moreover, you should also consult your vet about whether you can continue to give your female dog this medicine if it is nursing or pregnant.

Side effects of Heartgard

If your dog is not a herding breed, then your dog is not likely to show many side effects. As long as dogs are given the correct dosage, then the chance of side effects are almost next to none. However, dogs that are given a large medication dose do experience harmful side effects including rapid weight loss dilated pupils, tremors, and in some cases, even death.

Generic Heartgard Plus

A generic alternative to Heartgard Plus is a medicine known as Iverheart. Both medicines contain the same ingredients, that too in the same amount. Similarly, regarding effectiveness, both of them show the same results. The difference between the two is only in the cost and the taste of the medicine.

While Heartgard if beef-flavored, Iverheart (generic Heartgard Plus) is pork-liver flavored. Of course, there are many dogs that like the taste of both, however, most dogs do prefer the beef flavored tablets. Moreover, both Heartgard and Iverheart are chewable tablets; however, Heartgard is a soft tablet while Iverheart is crunchy. So, dogs that are missing a few teeth or those that have sensitive teeth will prefer to take Heartgard because of how easy it is to chew it.

The other difference is the cost of the two. Iverheart is comparatively much cheaper than Heartgard, however, since dogs willingly eat Heartgard and cause problems when taking Iverheart, people prefer to pay more if it provides them ease.

Buy Heartgard without vet prescription

You might be unaware that Heartgard has two different formulas; one is simply Heartgard while the other is Heartgard Plus which is much more famous. This is because Heartgard Plus provides better and complete prevention as compared to the original Heartgard formula for dogs.

The primary difference between the two is the pests and parasites that the medicine targets. Heartgard only provides protection against heartworms. However, Heartgard Plus can't only prevent heartworms but can also work effectively against hookworms and roundworms. The price of both Heartgard and Heartgard Plus isn't too different; however, vets do recommend giving dogs Heartgard Plus instead of the original Heartgard formula. While you can buy Heartgard without vet prescription, you should still consult your vet before administering a dose.

Buy Heartgard Without Vet Prescription

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Wrapping it up

You're a lucky pet owner if you never had to experience treating a beloved pet dog that has the heartworm disease. Prevention is better than the cure in this case. That's why you should consider the preventive measure Heartgard offers. You can currently go ahead and buy Heartgard without vet prescription to ensure your dog's wellbeing. Your pet dog depends on you to offer them the protection they need from numerous parasites. So, don't let them down.

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