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How to Get Equi Block Dt Formula Without Vet Prescription

How to Get Equi Block Dt Formula Without Vet Prescription

A lot of people will immediately make an association with Budweiser beer when they see a Clydesdale. Or think of Knoxville and Steve-O when they see a stallion being trotted up to the mare knowing full well what is about to happen next. Horses of all sorts work hard, whether that is pulling unlimited numbers of beer kegs on a carriage or laying pipe when that is what is expected of them. But sometimes there are horse injuries, and this leads to how to get Equi Block DT formula without vet prescription. 

This is a horse pain relief formula that works well for horse arthritis relief or for pain resulting from injury. Pain coming from joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are all addressable with this medication and the good news around how to get Equi Block DT formula without vet prescription is that you do not need a prescription or anything of the sort to buy for your horse. Equi Block DT is an OTC pet medication, so you do not need to see anyone or get anything before you can go buy it.  

The reason that this product is an OTC one and not an RX where you need a prescription is because the only active ingredient in this horse pain cream is capsaicin. That name may sound familiar if your palate is perfectly fine with hot peppers or you put Sriracha on pretty much everything. Capsaicin is what creates the spiciness in all of that, but it’s also very effective for suppressing the pain caused by inflammation and it is utilized in all sorts of pain relief creams for pets.  

Message Blocker Extraordinaire  

We have made it clear the answer’s no for how to get Equi Block DT formula without vet prescription, and the way capsaicin in this horse arthritis relief cream works is that it blocks the pain messages from being able to reach the nerve endings. You can apply it to where your horse is clearly experiencing pain and as long as the pain is not chronic and resulting from traumatic injury this Equi Block DT formula is probably going to be all you need as a topical pain remover.  

The last recommendation we will make is that if it is muscle pain you are looking to address for your horse and provide relief then massage can do wonders for that pain in the same way it does for us. Muscle massage for horses is entirely doable, although it will require you to get familiar with the technique and it is definitely more complicated than just rubbing on a cream. It is very common for performance horses, though we imagine many of the people who would order Equi Block for horses will have ones that are more just everyday members of the family on the farm or ranch. Give your horse the best care at all times and remember there is no need to see a vet when it comes to how to get Equi Block DT formula without vet prescription.  

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