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Buying Frontline Plus for Small Dogs

Buying Frontline Plus for Small Dogs

Nothing is more alarming for a pet parent (read owner) to see their beloved pet affected by fleas and ticks. The thought of these troublesome parasites feeding on your little pet and causing them pain is enough to send any pet owner hurtling into action. So, know about the proper treatment options, such as Frontline Plus for small dogs.

Buy Frontline Plus for Small Dogs

Are you aware that these parasites are not only a cause of annoyance and irritation for your little dog, but they can also transmit diseases and other parasites to your pet? That is why it is best to use preventive treatments against fleas and ticks for your pets to safeguard against any infestation.

Mentioned below is an overview of the various illnesses that can affect your pet from tick and flea infestation to highlight the importance of these preventative treatments, and how Frontline Plus for small dogs can help.


Fleas live and feed on the cats and dogs hosts. These wingless insects can be seen on your pet's skin. They move very quickly and can even jump long distances. Flea bites on cats and dogs can cause inflammation, irritation, and itchiness on their skin. Fleas are a nuisance and can cause some serious but treatable health problems.

Flea bite diseases

Common flea bite diseases are:

Flea allergy dermatitis

Flea bites can cause allergic reactions in pets. They can develop a skin infection which can become severely itchy. One misconception that is often heard among pet owners is that an allergic reaction can't be caused by fleas because they have never seen a flea on their pet. This is so because the bite is so irritating that your pet will quickly scratch or chew the flea off.

It is important to get monthly preventative treatments even if your pet rarely sets foot in the yard. Consult your veterinarian immediately if you find your pet experiencing extreme itchiness, skin lesions, discomfort, or hair loss.


Fleas can transmit tapeworms. Tapeworms are parasites that live and reproduce in your pet's intestines. They feed on the nutrients present in the food that your pet digests. Pets can get tapeworms when they digest fleas that are carrying tapeworm eggs.


When fleas bite your pet, they target the red blood cells. A severe flea infestation can lead to weakness and anemia.


Ticks, like mites and spiders, belong to the arachnid family. Although they are bigger than fleas, they might be difficult to spot with the naked eye. Ticks feed on the blood of your pet by burrowing their heads in their skin. Getting rid of ticks is more difficult, and they can cause a number of serious diseases.

Tick bite diseases

The various diseases caused by tick bites are:

Lyme's Disease

This disease is the result of a bacterial infection caused by a tick bite and can affect cats, dogs, and even humans. The common symptoms of tick bites are painful joints, depression, general laziness, loss of appetite, swollen lymph nodes, fever, and kidney failure. Lyme's disease can be treated effectively with the help of antibiotics.

Rocky mountain spotted Fever

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is caused by an organism that looks like bacteria but spreads like a virus. It is transmitted to cats and dogs by a tick bite. The most common symptoms of this disease are lethargy, depression, blood in urine, swollen limbs, loss of coordination, arrhythmia, redness of mucous membranes, and feeling pain in the eyes.


This disease is transmitted by the brown tick, and the Lone Star tick. In this disease, the bacteria latch on to the white blood cells and destroy them. The clinical symptoms of this disease are fever, diarrhea, painful joints, vomiting, and in some cases, nervous system disorders.


While this disease usually affects cats, you should know about it even if you're a sole little dog owner because of what we're covering. The common symptoms are depression, anemia, jaundice, fever, and difficulty in breathing.

Babesiosis (piroplasmosis)

In Babesiosis, the organism infects the red blood cells of your pet, causing anemia. The most common symptoms of Babesiosis are depression, pale gums, fever, swollen lymph nodes, and dark colored urine.

Tick paralysis

Tick paralysis occurs due to a powerful toxin present in the saliva of the female tick. This toxin is transmitted to the pet with a tick bite. It enters the bloodstream and affects the nervous system often leading to paralysis.


This disease is transmitted by both ticks and fleas. The most common clinical symptoms are weakness and anemia.

Frontline Plus - an effective solution

Frontline Plus is the number one applicator recommended by veterinarians for flea and tick protection. It has two ingredients - fipronil that kills adult ticks and fleas and methoprene - that attacks the larvae and flea eggs.

It is a popular flea and tick protection for cats and dogs. It is a safe product and can be used on even kittens and puppies that are at least 8 weeks old. It is also approved for use on pregnant, lactating or breeding dogs and cats.

This amazing applicator kills 100% fleas within 12 hours of application and gets rid of all the ticks and chewing lice in just a couple of days. It is waterproof which makes it effective even after bathing, swimming, and grooming. Frontline Plus for small dogs and cats is long lasting and helps to fight infestation for the whole month. Furthermore, it breaks the life cycle of fleas by destroying the flea eggs and larvae to protect your pet against future infestations.

Frontline Plus helps to protect against various species of ticks including the American dog tick, the deer tick, brown dog tick, and the lone star tick. It is also effective against lice infestations and sarcoptic mange infections.

How to apply Frontline Plus

Part the hair of your dog between the shoulder blades. Empty the contents of the applicator to that one spot. Avoid bathing your dog for 48 hours so that the solution is completely dry. Make sure to use separate applicators for each of your dogs. Furthermore, cheap Frontline Plus for small dogs and cats is easily available.

Wrapping it up

It is vital to take monthly preventative treatments to stop flea and tick infestation in your pets and take prompt and proper action in case they do become infected. Frontline Plus for small dogs and Frontline Plus for cats are highly recommended by veterinarians for the treatment of ticks and fleas. These drugs help to ensure the well-being and health of your pet. You can find cheap Frontline Plus for small dogs right now!

Buy Frontline Plus for Small Dogs

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