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Learn How You Can Eliminate Fleas on Cats Easily

How to eliminate fleas on cats

You may treat your cat as your best friend and your companion, but fleas look at them as tasty snacks. Whether your cat has been a part of your family for years or if it just showed outside your house purring and wanting food, fleas have a clever way of inviting themselves in too.

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These blood-sucking insects are the number one skin parasites for both dogs and cats; however, with this guide, you and your pet can become the number one champion when it comes to fighting fleas, so keep on reading.

How to Spot Fleas On Your Beloved Cat?

Since these bloodsucking insects are painful and annoying, they lead to changes in your pets behavioral. In order to treat these fleas, you must first learn how to spot the signs that clearly indicate that your cats have been attacked by them. These are the behavioral changes your cat will show if it is being annoyed with these crawling insects.

  1. Biting And Scratching

If your kitty has picked up these insects, then it won’t be long before she starts scratching and chewing on her skin furiously. Fleas on cats are very itchy, and if you see your cat doing unusual bending poses to scratch herself like a maniac, then it is clear that she is trying to get some relief from flea infestation.

  1. Excessive Grooming

If your cat tends to groom herself a whole lot, then she has been infected by fleas. This licking helps in soothing the itchiness that flea bites cause; so if your cat usually grooms and preens herself and can’t stop then she is definitely dealing with these bloodsucking insects.

Make sure to look out on the places she is licking the most; fleas prefer to hide in the groin, armpits, base of tail, inside of legs and even the back of the neck. If your pet seems to lick these areas all the time, then you must get the best flea treating medication right away.

  1. Moodiness

Now, this sign may be difficult to spot since cats are notorious for having sudden mood swings, but with fleas, this moodiness can become very excessive. Fleas are uncomfortable to live with, and so a cat dealing with flea infestation is bound to be restless, agitated, on edge and will act erratically.

Your pet may start growling more and inhibit behavior similar to that of a wild cat; he may rub itself on the floor vigorously and will start to behave as if it is possessed. This behavior is because the fleas drive your cat insane and so treatment must be done right away.

  1. Lethargic

This is a huge red flag because if your cat gets low energy, it is because the flea infestation has been prolonged and increased to a new height. If you notice your cat being exhausted constantly or is lethargic then make sure that you check for pale gums and loss of muscles since it can be signs of anemia.

How To Get Rid of Cat Fleas

One ideal way to get rid of fleas on cats is by investing in good topical cat flea control products. These medications work by affecting the nerve receptors of these bloodsucking insects. Such products are applied on the cat's skin especially at the back of the cat’s skin and are collected by the hair follicles; from here the product is then slowly released.

Most of these flea medications are labeled to be used for application once a month; however, in practice, they work much faster and for a longer period of time. It is essential that you avoid using products that are labeled for dogs on cats; the reason behind this is that dogs and cats have different physiologies and are very different in size.

The best way, perhaps, to get rid of fleas on cats is by using the following medication:

  • Advantage Multi Cat

This medication is also known as Advocate and makes use of imidacloprid as the main key ingredient. Advantage is generally a safe medication for cats and kittens who are six weeks old; this tropical product does not kill ticks. But when treating fleas on cats, this product does wonders.

  • Frontline

This medication is designed to target both ticks and fleas. Frontline makes use of a synthetic ingredient known as fipronil that causes slight sensitivity in the area where this medication is applied. This medicine has the ability to kill all fleas present on your pet within 12 hours and leave it for 48 hours in order to kill other ticks.

  • Broadline

Broadline is another topical solution designed to target fleas on cats. This solution also contains fipronil and helps in controlling of hypersensitivity caused by flea bite; this medication has the ability to kill all newly born fleas within 8 to 24 hours of application.

Moreover, it helps to prevent any flea eggs present on your cat from hatching. The best part about this medication is that it can be used for biting lice, tapeworm,s hookworms, roundworms, ticks, and other infestation as well.

  • Revolution

This is another product that helps in treating fleas. Revolution which is also referred to as STRONGHOLD helps in preventing flea eggs and kills any adult fleas present on your pet baby. With this medication, you can control flea infestation and even prevent heartworm diseases.


Fleas are annoying insects that tend to make your pets life miserable. It is important for a pet parent to be well rehearsed in spotting a flea and should know how to treat them. You must treat fleas as soon as possible in order to avoid any other disease from occurring.

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