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Best Ear Mite Treatment for Cats

Best Ear Mite Treatment for Cats

Cats have all sorts of pests that make their lives difficult in the same way dogs do. It's just that for some reason dogs tend to get most of the attention. One particular pest that is more a problem for cats than dogs is the ear mite. Indeed, ear mites can be a big problem for cats, and so it may best to discuss what exactly is the nature of these pests before we look at the best ear mite treatment for cats.

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A good starting point is to say that ear mites can also set up in the ear canals of humans in the same way they are with animals like cats and dogs. Of course, the problem is in the fact that these parasites are not easily seen because of being in the ear canal, although many of the ear mite symptoms for cats are so pronounced that they will make it very clear something is wrong.

Another important fact to begin with is that ear mites are especially infectious for cats. This is because they’re spread quickly via direct contact with another cat. Ear mites are also more common in kittens than older or fully-grown cats.

More on that to come, for now let’s discuss ear mites in general before evaluating the best ear mite treatment for cats.

Understanding Ear Mites

There is one species of ear mite that is responsible for 90% of ear mite infections in cats – otodectes cynotis. Ear mites live only for about three weeks, but during that time they feeds on oils and wax in the ear canal of the cat. When the ear mite bites it causes inflammatory symptoms in the cat’s ear canal, and the symptoms are often very similar to what you’d see with a bacterial or yeast infection for a human.

The most immediate and identifiable symptoms of ear mite infection in cats is a large amount of crumbly dark brown material inside the ears.

And for anyone asking can you see ear mites in cats, it’s usually true that you can see the microscopic insects in the in the dark brown crumbly material if you look closely. It’s also helpful to know that ear mites do not burrow like some mites do, so you don’t have to worry that they’ll be burrowing into the skin inside your cat’s ear.

However, having them live there and be biting your pet is obviously more than reason enough to take steps to eliminate them with an effective ear mite treatment for cats. The fact that ear mites can cause permanent damage to your cat’s ear canal if left untreated is all the more reason to take swift action.

Symptoms of Ear Mites

In addition to identify the crumbly, dark brown material mentioned above inside the cat’s ears, there’s also other signs of ear mites in cats. The most easily recognizable of them is frequent head shaking and / or excessive ear scratching with the hind legs. The cat will seem very much at unease and often times it’s very clear that the pet is seriously troubled by something related to it head.

Once you’re aware of the presence and nature of ear mites it’s good that you can set right to finding the best ear mite treatment for cats. There are over-the-counter treatments that can be used to eliminate ear mites in cats, as well as some all natural ear mite remedies for cats, but most veterinarians agree that a prescription ear mite treatment for cats is the best choice.

Choosing an Ear Mite Treatment for Cats

The problem with most OTC ear mite treatments for cats is that they require topical application, and quite understandably the cat is NOT at all okay with having some type of solution put in their ears. If you speak to your veterinarian about the situation then he or she will almost certainly recommend a product like Advantage Multi or Revolution. Both of these medications are flea and tick medications for cats that also work to kill ear mites.

All of these medications feature a chemical ingredient call Ivermectin – a parasiticide (parasite killer) that works by attacking the nervous system of the insects and causing them to die quite quickly.

With these products already given their promotion here, we should mention as well that cat owners can take steps to prevent ear mites in cats. The best way to do that is to give your cat a regular cleaning using a veterinary ear cleanser that you get from your veterinarian.

Natural Cures for Cats with Ear Mites

Some cat owners will prefer to stay away from medicated products with their cats if possible, and that’s perfectly alright. One of the best natural cures for ear mites is to prepare a garlic and olive oil mixture and the apply it to the inside of the cat’s ears. You can find the ingredient and preparation list for all these natural cures here.

For the garlic and olive oil mixture, once you’ve prepared it you let is sit for 12 hours. Then you apply 5 drops of the mixture to each ear and massage it at the base of the ear. Repeat once a day for the next 3 weeks.

Honey is another effective natural cure for ear mites, and that’s because it has powerful natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agents. You just apply it directly to the inside of the ear canals and it works to eliminate ear mites.

Most people will have Vaseline in their home, and Vaseline can actually be used to smother the ear mites while also providing moisture to the ears and promoting their healing more quickly.

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The last suggestion we’ll offer here as an alternative to the best ear mite treatment for cats is to do the same direct application, but with Aloe Vera. It is particularly effective when used in conjunction with a medicated product and after ear mites have been eliminated. It provides the same moisture benefits and also works to prevent ear mites from coming back.

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