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Can You Use Human Eye Drops On Dogs?

dog eye infection

There are plenty of organs in the body, and that's true for dogs in the same way it is for humans. But no matter if you're on two legs or four, of all those organs there are none that are super sensitive yet exposed to the outside world quite like the eyes. Your eyes get irritated from time to time and usually beyond your control. Same goes for your dogs, and a dog eye infection is something that needs to be taken care of without delay the same way you'd make it a priority for yourself. Some people have asked can you use human eye drops on dogs? The answer is you can, but it is risky and the use of Ceragyn eye drops is just a safer, better choice.

The issue is with active ingredients. Basic OTC artificial tears drops will usually contain only dextran and hydroxy methylcellulose and these chemicals will not pose any risk of increased irritation for dogs. Generally, as a rule an OTC eye drop should be okay to use with your dog. However, it is best to use medicated eye drops that are designed specifically for dogs instead of a prescription medicated eye drop for humans. Humans can get pink eye (conjunctivitis) quite easily, and it is a common dog eye infection too.

Prescription antibacterial eye drops are where you need to use caution. Many of the ones designed for humans contain cyclosporin or other bacterial stoppers that may not be suitable for dogs, and you certainly don't want to find this out the hard way. Even if it appears your dog is only suffering from minor and temporary eye irritation it is worth a trip to a vet's office to get a proper diagnosis and understand if it's just that or a more serious dog eye infection.

This entry will look at eye drops for dogs in greater detail plus more on the different types of dog eye infections that pet owners will want to be wary of.

Hard on the Eyes

We all know that rubbing an itchy eye tends to make it worse, and that's simply related to how histamines work. You may get a moment or two of reprieve, but it's really not worth it and you will be making the problem worse. But let's think about dogs for a moment; you may be blessed to be able to bend your arm outwards from the shoulder, but your dog can't do that. That makes rubbing the eyes an impossibility for dogs, and so maybe it's fair to say that a dog eye infection of any sort may be more of a torment for them than it is for you.

Good thing then that Ceragyn eye drops for dogs are non-irritating and non-stinging, but the best attribute for this OTC dogs eye drop is that it can be used to clear so many different types of infections. It's also an anti-inflammatory, and the type of dog eye infections it can also be used to treat is blepharitis in dogs. Blepharitis is not always caused by bacteria in the eye, but it can be, and it is also possible for bacterial ear infections to make their way over and become bacterial dog eye infections.

Excessive itching can be caused by any number of reasons for dogs, and fleas and ticks are the most common culprit. However, ear infections can lead to a dog to be scratching at its ears furiously and if not treated that infection may manifest itself in the eyes next. Medicated ear drops for dogs may mean you're not dealing with a dog eye infection in the near future.

Temporary Diet Supplements & Chamomile Tea

Some vitamins do wonders for boosting the body's immune system, and that is also true for dogs in the same way it is for humans. Foods that are full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C aren't the ones that dogs will usually eat readily, but you can pulp up fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamins A or C and then mix them into your dog's food. If the infection is ongoing and especially bad then your clinic may recommend that you use Vetericyn eye wash along with the eye drops for dogs to reduce the severity of it to reduce the pain and irritation while the Ceragyn is working to knock out the bacteria.

Chamomile tea is known for its tissue-healing properties and applying a cooled chamomile teabag to your dog's eyelid (provided they are co operative and willing to go along with this) can help to counter the dog eye infection. If they are not okay with that, you can also make chamomile tea and let it cool to room temperature before putting 2 or 3 drops in the infected eye(s) 2x a day to help the medicated eye drops for dogs clear the infection more quickly and reduce pain and irritation until that happens.

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