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Does Revolution Kill Tapeworms

does revolution kill tapeworms

A lot of people are downright shocked when they see just how big tapeworms can get. Kind of crazy to think that something that starts so absolutely microscopic can be grown into something of that length, and then to be such nasty-looking critters on top of that. Tapeworms are parasites in the truest sense of the word in that they help themselves to the nutrition from the food that your pet would otherwise be receiving for themselves. That’s plenty enough to make a pet owner irate, and so they should be. Worm-killer medications for pets are the answer, but does Revolution kill tapeworms? No, it doesn’t. 

It's clear that many people inquire about whether it does, but as far as parasitic worms are concerned, Revolution is only for heartworms, hookworms, and roundworms. The same goes for does Revolution Plus for cats kills tapeworms – you’ll need to choose another medication like Profender if your cat has acquired a tapeworm or two. For dogs, you may want to consider Sentinel if you need to kill tapeworms. If your pet is losing weight unexplainably and/or becoming lethargic without any similar reasoning, then tapeworms may be the reason. 

So how do you test for tapeworms in dogs or cats? That’s another good question to go along with does Revolution kill tapeworms. The easiest and most direct way is also unpleasant, but you asked, so we’ll answer. You can inspect your dog’s feces to look for tapeworm eggs, but they’re tiny, and you may not know what you’re seeing. What you will have more luck with likely is finding tapeworm segments. Tapeworms slough parts of their body length periodically as they grow, and boy oh boy do they ever grow! 

Scooting Signs  

Another way to know if your pet has tapeworms is to see if they are scooting. There is no connection between the answer to does Revolution kill tapeworms, and it also has nothing to do with the 2-wheeled electric scooter that we see so much more frequently on city streets these days. Scooting for dogs means when they use only their front legs and drag them behind along a rough surface. Why would they do such a thing? It’s to get relief from the itching that tapeworms may be causing. 

So, if you see anything that suggests a cat or dog has tapeworms, go to a vet and have them write you a prescription for a dewormer medication. You may also be asking; how did my pet get tapeworms in the first place? Flea prevention is an ongoing issue for pet owners at all times, and when a dog or cat has fleas, it is very possible to have the pet ingest a flea accidentally as they clean themselves or chew at the itching skin. This is how dogs get tapeworms and cats too. 

You’ve got what you need with does Revolution Plus for cats kill tapeworms, and again no, Revolution does not work for tapeworm prevention. It is for preventing fleas and tick and for killing heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms. For tapeworms or whipworms, you’ll need to use another dewormer medication for dogs or cats. 

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