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Does Bravecto Kill Worms?

does bravecto kill worms

It’s a long list of parasites that pet owners need to be aware of and putting on their extermination priority lists. After all, no one wants to see their pet suffering from the incessant itching caused by flea bites and scratching away furiously but not getting much in the way of relief. Fleas are bad, no argument there, but in many ways ticks are worse because just one tick can take up residence on your pet and continue to draw blood for a long time while you have no idea it’s there. There are different types of ticks, and Bravecto is a flea and tick killer medication that kills all fleas as well as the 3 primary types of ticks found in North America. But does Bravecto kill worms? No, it doesn’t.

It is not a dewormer medication for dogs or cats, but the question is valid as there are a number of combination parasiticide medications that kill fleas, ticks AND worms. Bravecto isn’t one of them, and it should only be relied on to get rid of fleas and ticks on your dog or cat. What we haven’t touched on yet though with this talk on does Bravecto kill worms is the fact that of all the crawly threats to your pet’s health it may be one that squirms rather than crawls that has the most potential for harm. We’re talking about heartworms, and given they go after the animal’s heart you can understand why they’re so serious.

So yes, the answer is no for does Bravecto kill worms, but you can give your dog or cat this medication for effective flea and tick control and then use an additional dewormer medication to make sure that you’re covering all the bases when it comes to pest control for pets.

Beware Bites

Avoiding fleas is darn near impossible if your dog or cat enjoys being outdoors. And most people will agree that is a dog or cat is inclined to spend time out of the house then they should be given that freedom. Keeping certain breeds of dogs indoors or even enclosed in a small yard is borderline cruel, and then there are small dogs that also love to wander too and should also be free to do so. But here’s another consideration then related to does Bravecto kill worms – it is darn near impossible for you to avoid mosquito bites all summer, and the same goes your dog or cat.

The significance of this? Earlier we talked about heartworms can be the worst type of parasite your pet can contract, and heartworm larvae are introduced to an animal’s bloodstream via mosquito bites. This might lead to the question can humans get heartworm disease the same way, and it’s true that they can. Although there are factors that make that VERY unlikely so we won’t go any further on that and journey off topic from does Bravecto kill worms. Instead we’ll stay on it and say that using an additional medication like Nuheart for specific heartworm protection or a 3-in-1 parasite control medication like Sentinel is a good idea.

Not to sell ticks short in all of this. They’re nasty too, and it is well known that tick bites are more likely to cause Lyme disease for both humans and animals depending on where you live in North America. The US Southeast is one region that is bad for ticks, but if we need to give the title to one State exclusively it is Pennsylvania. Some people in certain areas make checking for ticks on their dogs a daily activity, and that may be a good thing as it doesn’t take them long to transmit the virus that can cause Lyme disease. Does Bravecto kill worms? No, it doesn’t but it does do very well with killing ticks on an ongoing basis.

ACV Does Wonders

Killing fleas and ticks is one thing, but with fleas in particular it is often the case that if they’ve been allowed to do their thing unchecked for a good long while before a flea killer medication was used then the dog’s skin is going to be worse for wear afterwards. Extensive skin healing will be required, and for some dogs that doesn’t happen as thoroughly as it should naturally. If this is the situation with your dog you can and should do 2 things; first, continue to use a 1x monthly flea and tick control medication like Bravecto, and the second is to aid in the healing process by taking advantage of apple cider vinegar for flea recovery. Nothing to do with Bravecto for worms, but a different piece of valuable info.

What it does is change the PH balance of the skin in a favorable way so that the skin is more able to heal itself naturally. There are all sorts of health benefits from ACV available to both humans and pets and even just adding a teaspoon to your dog or cat’s water can be beneficial for the animal.

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