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Biter Buster & Betta Fish: Capstar for Dogs

Biter Buster & Betta Fish: Capstar for Dogs

People wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about killing mosquitos every chance they get if mosquitos didn’t bite. Same would go for fleas but the problem is fleas aren’t airborne or easily seen on the wall. They’re all hidden in your dog’s fur and they wouldn’t be crushed as easily as a skeeter would anyways. Fleas don’t only just bite your dog, but flea allergy dermatitis or even mange can develop from a dog having a flea problem and the owner doing nothing about it.

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Most owners do know the importance of getting rid of fleas on a dog, and use a flea killer med like Capstar for dogs.

So obviously fleas can be poisoned, but what about other ways to kill fleas? Some people have wondered if fleas drown in water, but they don’t. Or at least not for up to a full day or so. Fleas are too tiny and light to break the surface of the water. So they’ll flap around helplessly if they can’t get to somewhere to climb out. But if you do have fleas in water that are still alive you can add some dish soap to make them sink and drown more quickly.

What about feeding fleas to fish? I’ve heard of some people doing this, and apparently some owners like to feed them to their Betta (Siamese Fighting) fish as a high-protein source. These fish do eat fleas in the wild, but they’re water fleas – not the same type of fleas that dogs get.

However, if you’re motivated enough to try something like this it’s important to know that you can only do this with fleas from a dog that has NOT taken Capstar flea tablets for dogs or any other flea killer medication. If the dog has already been treated for fleas then you may end up poisoning your fish.

Powerful Parasiticide

Capstar for dogs has another advantage to it, and that’s that it starts to kill fleas on dogs quickly. Biting your dog becomes fatal for fleas within just a half-hour or so of them taking one Capstar for dogs tablet. Many owners will bathe their dog with a flea shampoo a few hours after giving their dog the medication, and it’s usually quite something to see just how many fleas wash out of their coat.

Another good idea is to then give your dog another bath a day or two later, but this time using Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s good for preventing further fleas and it also works to soothe your dog’s irritated skin.

This is an even better idea if you’re using Capstar for dogs, because on of the things that’s known about Nitenpyram – the parasiticide ingredient in this flea medication that works to kill fleas – is that it can cause excessive itchiness for some dogs. Giving your dog an ACV bath and then also adding 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to their water bowl from time to time can really help to provide relief from itchy skin for dogs when using Capstar flea tablets.

That also lines up nicely here, as Capstar for dogs apparently makes a lot of dogs especially thirsty in the time after they’ve eaten the tablet. So be sure to keep that water bowl refilled, and add Apple Cider Vinegar to it!

Exclusively an Eliminator of Fleas

Also important to mention that Capstar is not a flea prevention medication – it kills fleas, but it doesn’t kill flea eggs and prevent the possibility of future fleas. You’ll need a different flea prevention tablet for dogs and many dogs owners also use one that is a combo flea and tick medication. Capstar for dogs only poisons fleas on site, but when it comes to fast-acting and effectiveness it’s pretty much the best – killing 95+% of fleas and starting to work in less than an hour after giving your canine Capstar flea tablets for dogs.

Need Capstar for your dog without vet prescription?

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This also leads to whether or not your dog goes out and comes back into the home often. If there is the possibility of fleas being in the home then Capstar for dogs is only going to solve half the problem, and it will be an ongoing cycle of you killing fleas and then a new batch of them making their way onto your pet. The same thing goes if you had a cat with fleas too. You may need to use a flea shampoo often and although flea collars are popular, they’re not very effective.

Capstar for dogs is a better choice for dogs who have trouble with fleas from time to time, and are not in a home or property environment where exposure to fleas is an ongoing issue. Capstar is popular with dog owners who live in apartments of multi-family complexes where flea transmission may have occurred from close contact with the dog of a neighboring family. Hey, it happens!

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