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Can Fortiflora Cause Diarrhea in Dogs

can fortiflora cause diarrhea in dogs

Maintaining the status quo is always best when it comes to gut function, and that’s true whether you’re life form you are. But generally speaking the more developed, longer, and more complicated your digestive tract is the more likely you are to have intestinal upsets where you’re too far one way or the other. You’ll be equally dismayed whether you’re constipated or have diarrhea, and the same will go for your dog. They can’t be proactive with loading up on soluble fiber or taking Imodium like you can, but one thing we do know is that gut probiotics promote better function for pets too. Fortiflora is a good pet prebiotic supplement for dogs, but can Fortiflora cause diarrhea in dogs?

The answer is that yes it can, and it is definitely one of the possible Fortiflora for dogs side effects. But do be aware that for most dogs they only experience intestinal upset when first beginning on these probiotics for dogs. Once good gut flora numbers are established and the animal’s gut begins to function better they tend to have that diarrhea stop. So it is likely that the best advice for those wanting to give a dog probiotics is to not make knee-jerk reactions and stop giving them to your dog just because they get the runs the first day or two after taking them for the first time.

What your dog eats in the time leading up to starting on Fortiflora can play a part too. Not many dog owners will feed their dog Gorditas, but some do in the same way that some poodle owners make their dogs look ridiculously with selective fur trimming. To each their own, but when it comes to can Fortiflora cause diarrhea in dogs it doesn’t for most dogs who are in otherwise good health and have a diet that is in line with what dogs usually eat.

So if you’re starting a dog on probiotics, be sure to give it a couple of weeks or longer before making the determination if the supplements are a good fit for your dog. The benefits of probiotics are well established, and the health benefits they can promote extend far beyond your digestive system. That’s just as true for animals as it is for humans.

Halitosis Stopper

It’s a fancy word for chronic bad breath, and you’re never going to get a dog to take some Listerine or something similar. Halitosis in dogs may be incidental based on types of foods not being digested properly or being lodged in the teeth, but one way you can try to get to the root of a dog’s bad breath is to get them started on dog gut probiotics like Fortiflora. Rebuilding ‘good’ gut bacteria with probiotics means that the adverse effects of too many ‘bad’ bacteria are minimized. When dog bad breath is chronic it is often that the stink is originating in the gut, and not related to can Fortiflora cause diarrhea in dogs.

If probiotics don’t reverse that and the halitosis is still chronic then you may want to consider that your pet has a badly rotten tooth causing it. That may lead to an entirely different need, and pet dental being expensive has nothing to do with can Fortiflora cause diarrhea in dogs. But probiotics are helpful in the big picture, and more guaranteed benefits are better skin and coat as well as perhaps the best of all – a stronger immune system for dogs.

Immunity Booster

A strong immune system always has roots in a strong and properly balanced gut, and for many people it is well know that the gut is the body’s 2nd brain. The gut brain axis is quite real, and there’s every reason to believe it is the same for animals. Signalling and chemical balancing are essential in order for the gut and brain to work best with each other in immune response situations, and by having a better balanced gut this communication is enhanced. No relevance to can Fortiflora cause diarrhea in dogs though.

So using pet probiotics may means your dog is more resistant against infections and – if they do get sick – they may well get over the bug or whatever it is much more quickly than if they hadn’t been taking probiotics. They will also be much less like to get yeast infections, and while yeast infections can cause rectal itching they are not among reasons why a dog may scoot. But this added advantage of using probiotics will sound good for people with dogs that get recurring yeast infections.

Fortiflora for dogs side effects usually aren’t too bad, and as mentioned any diarrhea is quite likely only going to be temporary. But can Fortiflora cause diarrhea in dogs? Yes, it is possible.

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