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Buy Simparica Flea and Tick Without Vet Prescription

buy pet meds without vet prescriptions

Some people are overly protective of their pets, but when it comes to keeping fleas and ticks off their pooch or favorite feline that’s going to be serious business for any pet owner. Like dogs, cats can get fleas too. Fleas are a nuisance and can cause mange if left untreated. So, the worse of the two are ticks. Ticks don’t just bite, they latch on and ticks can be a much more serious health risk. Giving your dog or cat a flea and tick killer medication is important, and some are ones where you can buy pet meds without vet prescriptions. Simparica is one of the best of them.

Provided they are used as indicated, these flea and tick meds are just as effective as ones that require prescription. And that shouldn’t be a problem. With Simparica, the flea and tick chewable is all your pet needs. Just one tablet a month is all that’s needed for flea and tick prevention for pets. And the fact that they’re meat flavored means most pets gobble them up very enthusiastically. They probably wouldn’t appeal to you, but for your pet they’re delicious.

However, you can go with half-effective measures if you like. Just keep in mind that a flea collar or flea shampoo isn’t going to cut it when it comes to getting rid of fleas. These products will do absolutely nothing to get rid of ticks either. Ticks are particularly dastardly with the way they drop out of trees. A well-timed plummet onto the back of your pet is all it takes for the problem to start. Ticks stay out of sight, and all it takes is that first bite to possibly transmit Lyme disease.

Additionally, a tick outbreak can be a problem for humans in the same way it can be for pets. While humans don’t have fur for the critters to hide under, they are a problem for your wallet and pet’s health. So, remember you can buy this pet medication without vet prescription.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned information to prevent parasites using a combination flea and tick killer medication. Your pet will be spared from scratching furiously. If they knew the torment you saved them from you can bet they’d be plenty thankful.

Be Proactive

Thinking your dog or cat isn’t going to get fleas because they are an ‘indoor pet’? Well, that’s not a guarantee and in many cases pet owners don’t even become aware of the need for a flea and tick medication until after their dog or cat has already go them. This is especially true for fleas, and often it starts with the pet owner wondering why the animal is scratching so much. You can get Simparica without a vet prescription, and now may be the time to make that move. And if you’re going to buy pet meds without vet prescriptions then an online pet pharmacy in Canada may have your best price.

Other symptoms of fleas on pets are:

  • Dark specs found in the pet’s fur (flea droppings)
  • White specks found in the pet’s fur (flea eggs)
  • Excessive licking to go along with the scratching
  • Scabs or hot spots on the skin

It tends to be easier to use a flea comb with cats, and when you do you should also check around the base of the tail. This is an area where fleas are drawn to on cats for some reason but not one for dogs as much.

Avoid Anemia

There are all sorts of reasons why you should protect pets from fleas and ticks, and any veterinarian will tell a pet owner this is not something to take lightly. As stated, most will be very motivated to prevent their pet from suffering and that’s because for nearly everyone their pet becomes part of their family. Most of them will act without any hesitation, but many won’t want to have to make an appointment at the vet’s office. Fortunately, you can buy pet meds without vet prescriptions. Simparica is known to be a good flea and tick prevention chewable.

Where we’re going with this is that young animals – in this case meaning puppies and kittens – can get anemia from flea bites. If you see the dog or cat with pale gums and being much more lifeless and without energy than before it can be a sign that they’ve been dealing with fleas for a long time and are now becoming anemic. This is an issue, and it’s more of one for puppies and kittens because of their size and lack of body mass.

If you think fleas have a voracious thirst for blood, you’re right. Fleas can ingest 15x their weight in blood. So, if you’re not dealing with a flea or tick infestation asap then you’re opening the door to what could be a much bigger problem than just incessant itchiness. You can buy pet meds without vet prescriptions for some flea preventatives, and it may be high time you do!

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