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Buy Thomas Labs Brewer's Yeast Without Vet Prescription

Buy Thomas Labs Brewer's Yeast Without Vet Prescription

There have been plenty of recorded instances where dogs drink beer, although it is always poured into their water bowl first. It may be that dogs like the taste of brew too, but there is no dog that is brewing their own beer. So, it might sound odd that Brewer’s yeast for dogs is something they would need. But it is not for brewing anything, and instead pet brewer’s yeast is a supplement that helps dogs, horses, and birds enjoy better health. Here is your answer for how to get Thomas Labs Brewer’s Yeast without vet prescription. You don’t need one.

Pretty logical assumption really considering that there is nothing in the B vitamins, trace minerals, proteins and amino acids that make up Thomas Labs Brewer’s that would warrant it being an Rx medication. So yes, you can get Thomas Lab’s brewer’s yeast without vet prescription, and it will more than likely be in plain view on the shelf at your local pet store. A lot of times nowadays though it is pest to order pet products online and that’s because pet pharmacies like World Pet Express will always have lower prices on dog supplements.

This brewer’s yeast for dogs is an especially good choice for folks who have a dog with diabetes or one that suffers from chronic skin irritation including atopic dermatitis. The formula improves blood sugar regulation for the animals and as such can help with high blood sugar problems these pets will have. Brewer’s yeast is also good to improve a dog’s coat health and it can even mean they have less of a problem with insects in the summertime. And the benefits do not end there.

Good Calmer

We have established there is nothing to concern yourself with when it comes to how to get Thomas Lab’s brewer’s yeast without vet prescription, and again that is because it is an OTC pet supplement that does not contain any pharmaceutical ingredient. But the other use case for this natural supplement is to help a dog or horse be calmer if they tend to become agitated easily or you have grown tired of their paper tiger routine without dogs.

Another big plus for brewer’s yeast for pets is that the yeast has more protein by mass and that makes it more bioavailable to digestive tract, something that may be important for pet birds than it is for dogs or horses. Mixing it into bird or horse feed is quite common and especially when you consider it has such an array of helpful B vitamins – B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, and B9 – and that it also has a more incremental value for helping with better pet liver function. It may also be a good pairing with MultiActive Strengthening Supplement when appetite loss is also an issue for the horse. That is all there is to say around how to get Thomas Lab’s brewer’s yeast without vet prescription. You will not need one to buy it.

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