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What is the Best Joint Supplement for Dogs

What is the Best Joint Supplement for Dogs

The laws of gravity dictate that what goes up must come down, and all it takes is one simple jump into the air to see that works. Most people do a lot of jumping when they are enjoying the energy and vitality of youth, and it is during those years that your knees will happily propel you into the air and then cushion your landing nicely. That is the way it is for young dogs, but it is the same for people and animals as they get older – their joints get stiffer and sore and that is just the way it goes. If you would like to see your pet staying limber as long as possible then you may wonder what is the best joint supplement for dogs.

As is nearly always the case, there isn’t just one product that can be seen as the ‘best’ one. Instead, there are several good ones that will help to provide dog arthritis relief or more localized treatment of joint pain because of long-term injury or another primary cause of their chronic joint pain. Joint supplement for dogs is effective because it contains Chondroitin, which is the primary ingredient in a lot of natural arthritis medicines that humans use too.

Other good choices that can qualify for what is the best joint supplement for dogs are Purica Recovery for Pets and Dasuquin, and those are also OTC pet medications that you won’t need a prescription to buy. Another important consideration in all of this is that excess body weight is going to worsen a dog’s arthritis in most cases, so doing what it takes to help your older dog slim down may also be beneficial for reducing joint pain. But the stiffness and immobility of joints can be more a problem than the pain, and some breeds get it worse than others.

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Some dog owners may already be using a prescription medication to help their dog with arthritis and joint pain and looking to improve on the treatment results by using an OTC like joint supplement for dogs. There will be other candidates for what is the best joint supplement for dogs, but using this one or Dasuquin to improve the quality of the cartilage between leg and hip bones in dogs can be a way to give your pet even more relief as they age in the same way you are. Dasuquin can also be a good choice for dogs that have hip dysplasia.

The smart move is to talk to your veterinarian. They will be best informed about how dogs experience joint degeneration, and they may recommend one OTC dog arthritis med over another based on how your dog is experiencing it or even depending on what breed of dog you have. We will conclude by saying again that there is no one answer for what is the best joint supplement for dogs, and you will do well to collect information from others who have experience with treating dogs or have an arthritic dog themselves.

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