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A Look at The Best Medicine for Dog Hip Pain

A Look at The Best Medicine for Dog Hip Pain

Dogs may have been known as 'man's best friend' for generations, but in truth it's probably better to say they're the best friends of men and women alike. And let's not leave children out of this either, as often they're the ones in the family who are most in love with the family pets. No matter whether you stand on two legs or four, we all tend to develop mobility issues as we get older. Your dog may be the same way, and it's entirely natural for the people who love these dogs to want to maintain their quality of life as long as possible.

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Dogs - and most other animals - can suffer from degenerative soft tissue conditions like arthritis in the same way humans can, and becoming arthritic is one of the most common causes for a dog to start suffering hip pain and immobility. The severity of it is often more pronounced for smaller dogs, and certain breeds in particular. It's tough to see the dog struggling to enjoy walks and play like they used to, and owners will be inclined to inquire about which is the best medicine for dog hip pain.

The good news is that there is not just one best joint pain medicine for dogs, and pet owners can choose from among a number of them that effective medications for dog hip pain. Let's have a look at them here, and detail what if anything makes each of them the best choice for you and your pet.

Causes of Hip Pain for Dogs

Experiencing pain in this area of their body is not something that only occurs to older dogs. Arthritis is a condition that’s seen more commonly in older dogs, in the same way it’s seen in older humans more regularly too. For dogs, there can be other causes that can affect a dog of any age. The first of these is a dislocated hip. This condition – also called a luxated hip – is when the ball of the hip join becomes separated from the socket. This injury is almost caused by an impact or from a fall.

Hip dysplasia is another possibility. This affliction involves the joint coming progressively looser over time and resulting in painful wear and tear on the joint. Dogs that are suffering from it will become increasingly lamer in their rear legs if the condition is not addressed. This is also a hereditary condition, meaning it is inherited from previous generations and it will be more likely to occur in some breeds compared to others.

And then there’s the primary culprit we indicated above – canine arthritis. When owners are looking for hip and joint medicine for dogs, it is most often because their pet is older and now has canine arthritis. These dog arthritis medications will work to slow the deterioration of cartilage that causes the pain and stiffness, and for some dogs they will even work to actually regenerate the cartilage. However, this is not a realistic expectation in most cases, even with the best medicine for dog hip pain.

Symptoms of Dog Hip Pain

We’ll get to the many choices for the best joint pain medicine for dogs momentarily here, but it is of course helpful for dog owners to understand and be able to identify hip degeneration in dogs. These symptoms are:

  • Difficulty ascending (going up) stairs
  • Hesitating to jump into your vehicle
  • Limping or lameness in rear legs
  • Unexplained whimpering when moving or making the effort to move
  • Stiffness moving to get up or down to / from a prone position
  • Lethargy or unwillingness to walk fast

It may also be helpful for some owners to know of dog breeds that are more prone to developing hip dysplasia. Be aware that dogs of these breeds are not guaranteed of suffering from hip dysplasia as they grow older, but just that there is an increased likelihood of it.

These breeds are German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Bulldogs, Neapolitan Mastiffs, American Staffordshire Terriers, Otterhounds, Bloodhounds, Newfoundlands, Catahoula Hounds, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Norwegian Elkhounds, Chows, and English Sheepdogs.

Hip and Joint Medicine for Dogs: Best Choices

The standard prescription for a hip and joint medicine for dogs as written by your veterinarian will be an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). There is no one of them that is any better than the other, but your vet may be aware of ones that fit your dog’s scenario better. Any number of factors can play into this, including the dog’s age, weight, size, and typical level of physical activity or the amount of time it’s had the affliction.

Among the many quality choices for a hip and joint medicine for dogs are:

  • Carprofen (Novox or Rimadyl)
  • Deracoxib (Deramaxx)
  • Firocoxib (Previcox)
  • Meloxicam (Metacam)

Any of these ones is very likely to provide your dog with effective relief from arthritis hip pain, or hip dysplasia. For owners who prefer all natural hip pain relief for dogs, Dasuquin is an excellent choice and contains ASU along with the standard combination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. In addition, many dog owners these days are increasingly open to the possibility of using CBD for canine arthritis. Learn more about Dasuquin.

CDB (cannabidiol) is a safe and non-intoxicating cannabinoid from the cannabis plant that has been shown to have strong natural pain reducing effects, among many other potential health benefits for both humans and their pets.

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