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Best Flea Meds for Dogs

Best Flea Meds for Dogs

Dogs and cats can often get infected by these blood-sucking insects by contact with other animals or even with fleas in the environment. The back legs of these insects are very strong that allows them to jump from one animal to another or even from environment onto the host. These fleas do not have wings so they cannot fly but they jump very quickly which some owners can commonly mistake for flying.

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Now, dogs normally love to scratch themselves, and that is very normal; however, when the scratching gets persistent, that’s when you should worry. The fleas bite can cause different diseases, and for a flea-allergic animal or a sensitive pet, these flea bites can be quite severe and lead to loss of hair, secondary skin infections, and even inflammation.

Mentioned below are some diseases caused by a flea bite, and can be cured by using flea meds for dogs:

  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Many canines suffer from flea allergy dermatitis which is an allergic condition that is caused by flea bites. This is in fact, one of the most common reasons why dog owners take their pets to the veterinarian.

When these blood-sucking creatures bite your pet, the substance present in their saliva can enter the skin of your dog, and this triggers an immune response. This triggering and entering of the saliva causes extreme skin irritation as well as itchiness that can extend way beyond the bite location. These flea bites can also cause your dog to experience miserable symptoms until and unless you control these insects with flea meds for dogs.

  • Tapeworms

If your dog is chewing on the skin due to irritation caused by a flea bite or if it’s licking his leg to remove dirt, it can swallow a flea. If your dog happens to swallow flea and if the flea is ingested with tapeworms, then there is a high chance that your pet will be infected by tapeworms as well.

Once these tapeworm-infected fleas enter your dog’s digestive system, they will cling and attach themselves to the intestinal lining using their piercing and beak-like mouth areas. If your dog gets infected with tapeworms, then you may find pieces of worms sticking around your dog’s anus. These worms will look like white rice, but they are actually tapeworm eggs.

To keep your dog protected from these tapeworms, you will have to treat it with flea meds to make sure that your dog does not scratch himself anymore.

  • Bartonellosis

Even though this is mainly a concern for cats, there’s great evidence that canines can be infected by a bacteria known as Bartonella as well. The source of infection of this disease for cats is not very clear; however, dogs can get infected by Bartonella bacteria due to fleas.

Affected dogs do not show any clinical signs; however, this bacteria has been linked with conditions of the heart, liver, and eye.

  • Anemia

Having a single flea on your dog can be very terrible; now imagine hundreds of these blood-sucking insects sucking on your beloved pets’ blood. If a large number of these insects drink your pets’ blood, then your canine may develop anemia. 

This is a critical medical condition and must be addressed as soon as possible. Symptoms include weakness, rapid breathing, lethargy, and even death if the fleas on your pet are not treated using flea meds. If there’s a severe invasion of fleas, then get the best flea meds for dogs and spray your whole house with them.

Detecting Fleas

Even though fleas can be a problem for your canine all year round, flea population increases immensely about four to six weeks after the weather starts to warm up. It is very important that you pay special attention to flea prevention and spend time detecting these blood-sucking insects in spring and the early summer months.

To spot these culprits, you need to look for black specks. These black specks on your dog and in your dog’s bed may be the fecal matter of an adult flea. To check for these black specks, you need to do the following:

  • Run a special flea comb over your dog and make sure that this comb reaches your pup’s skin all through its coat. If you find any black specks on the comb as soon as you pull it out, then this might be flea dirt which is another word for fecal matter.

Keep in mind that if the fleas are on the comb, then drown the comb in a bowl containing soapy water so that they can’t get away or jump back on your dog.

  • You can also place a white paper towel beneath your dog and run your hands all around it. If any black specks appear on your towel, then this might be flea dirt.

If your pet gets infested with fleas, then it might become nervous and start scratching excessively. So if this happens, then take action right away and invest in a flea shampoo or flea meds for dogs and learn about how to handle these insects.

Buy Best Flea Meds For Dogs without Vet Prescription

Wrapping It Up

Getting the best flea meds for dogs can be very difficult to find. Some flea meds do not work, and you may end up wasting your money, and some vets prescribe medication that is good, but their visiting charges are very expensive.

However, from World Pet Express you can get flea meds without prescription, and you can choose from a variety of flea meds available on their website. You can buy flea meds online without prescription without wasting any time with checkups and get your pet treated as quickly as you want.

So grab the best flea meds for dogs from here and get rid of these blood-sucking insects right away!

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