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Any Best Flea Medicine for Outside Dogs?

Any Best Flea Medicine for Outside Dogs?

You'd be challenged to find even a handful of city dogs who have their own doghouse out back of the house. But in more rural areas of the country it's quite common for the dog to be an 'outside' dog, and many people believe that the animal lives a better and more naturally fulfilling life that way. We tend to agree, and like many dog owners with pets that are outdoors more regularly it means there's a greater chance of your dog getting fleas.

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As such you may be wondering what’s the best flea medicine for outside dogs. There’s really no one best flea and tick spray or tablet, but some are better than others.

Some owners with dogs that have short fur will have success using a good flea shampoo and flea comb to remove fleas. But for dogs with thicker fur that task is going to be too difficult. All pet medications must be certified as safe and effective before they are made available to consumers, and while all flea meds are safe it is true that some dogs in particular really don’t like being sprayed on their fur. For these guys and gals it will be best to use a prescription flea medication as directed by your veterinarian.

We’ll look at some of the best flea medicine for outside dogs here, but before getting into that we’ll share a good natural tip for fleas that can be used if your dog needs more relief from their flea treatment. White vinegar contains ascetic acid. That’s totally harmless for your dog’s skin, but it’s very nasty for the fleas and it forces many of them to jump off your animal. If you have an outside dog then you can apply white or apple cider vinegar (do not use any other type) and then let your dog go do its regular thing!

Ongoing Prevention Treatment is Best

The issue with a fleas infestation is that only 5% of the flea population are going to be adult fleas. The other 95% are going to be eggs, larvae (hatchlings), and pupae (infant fleas). If you are to only see and remove or kill the adults fleas then the population will quickly be repopulated. That continues the problem, and so when you talk about the best flea medicine for outside dogs it needs to be one that kills both adult fleas and the immature ones growing up behind them. The best of these are once a month flea pills that protect your dog from fleas all year round, and a once a month flea spray is good too.

For topical flea medications, some of the better ones for monthly use are Advantage Multi and Frontline Plus are good choices. Part of that is because both have added anti-parasite applications. Heartworms are also something that an outside dog will have greater exposure risk to as these parasitic worms are spready by mosquito bites. Advantage Multi kills fleas both adult and larvae fleas, AND it also a medication that kills heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. But that’s not it, Advantage Multi can eliminate lice and also prevent mange – a very bad skin condition.

It’s a solid medicated flea spray, that’s for sure.

Same goes for Frontline Plus. It’s also a monthly topical spray that kills fleas AND ticks too, plus chewing lice and usually wipes out all of them with 48 hours of application. Another good thing about Frontline is it also prevents mange. Plus is it’s a long lasting waterproof flea spray, and as we know outside dogs love to swim anytime there’s water around! Both these medications are easy to appy – the applicator or squeeze capsule is placed through the dogs fur and then applied between the shoulder blades

Important to know this – you do NOT apply it all over the dog, just one dose per treatment and right between the shoulder blades. That’s it, and that’s all you need to do only once a month.

Dog Hates Being Sprayed? Try a Good Flea Pill Instead

But then, like we said, some dogs hate having any type of applied liquid on their skin. In defence of topical flea preventers product like Advantage Multi and Frontline Plus, they aren’t sprays at all and you only apply it in that one spot so it’s very unlikely your dog is going to be bothered. Plus, the reason it’s applied between the shoulder blades is because that makes it so there’s no way your dog can lick it off.

Let’s look at the best flea medicine for outside dogs from the flea tablet angle. A lot of pet owners choose to give their flea med to their dogs as more of a tasty treat, and NexGard chewable flavored flea tablets are a popular choice. They’re beef flavored so dogs – outside or inside – are more than happy to gobble them up. NexGard is a med that kills and ticks and prevents Lyme disease from tick bites too. It’s also a once a month flea med that works especially well and is easy to get with a prescription from your veterinarian. It kills fleas before they can lay eggs, meaning the infestation is over.

Program gets high marks as a good oral flea med too. It kills fleas effectively and your pet only takes it once a month too. If you’ve got cats around too and they enjoy the outdoors as well then Program is also a flea medication for dogs AND cats. It can be given to kittens once their 6 years of age. Many owners who use Program mix it in with their dogs or cats foods, and that can be easily done as Program is a liquid flea medication that can be mixed with food.

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