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How to Get Bayer Relief Shampoo Without Vet Prescription

How to Get Bayer Relief Shampoo Without Vet Prescription

Hands, fingers, and opposable thumbs are all equally necessary if you are going to squeeze the contents of a shampoo bottle into your hands or right onto your scalp. We are fortunate that human physiology provides us with them, but the only way your dog is going to be able to squeeze anything is if it is between its teeth. Long story short dogs can’t wash their fur the same way we wash hair, and truth be told they probably wouldn’t care to even if they could.

There are times when a dog will be suffering from chronic skin irritation though, and it is here that you may be inquiring about how to get Bayer relief shampoo without vet prescription. But let us think this through for a moment or longer. Head and shoulders would not be a household name for humans if dandruff were not a thing, and if you have dandruff do you need to see a doctor to buy Head & Shoulders, Nizoral or any other medicated shampoo? Nope, you do not.

The same goes for how to get Bayer relief shampoo without vet prescription. It does contain Pramoxine HCI as an active medicinal ingredient, but that is not enough for it to warrant an Rx designation and a prescription being needed for it. But for pet itch relief it is an excellent choice, and it is specifically formulated to stop itching and skin flaking for dogs, cats, and horses. And it is effective no matter the source of the itching or skin irritation – dog pruritus, flea bites, and skin conditions like atopic dermatitis in pets.

Fast-Acting Relief

Seeing your dog scratching their skin incessantly is often an indication that they have fleas. But that may not be the cause of dog itching in some cases, and we will add this as well in our look at how to get Bayer relief shampoo without vet prescription. The dog pruritus we mentioned above can have itching caused by any number of sources, but pest bites are not one of them. And more to the point pruritus can develop into pyoderma in dogs, which is a more serious skin condition where skin can become raw and even bleed.

Using Bayer relief shampoo can prevent pruritus and chronic dog itching from progressing to that point, and using human shampoos on dogs is inadvisable. The relief equation is even more extensive with Bayer dog shampoo anyway, as this quality dog shampoo also has colloidal oatmeal and omega-6 fatty acids worked into the formula to provide additional skin soothing and repair benefits. After multiple treatments with this shampoo the skin’s epidermal barrier will be stronger too.

The only important piece of information you will need to understand is that after you lather your dog up with Bayer relief shampoo you need to let it remain on your dog for at least a minute or two. At the same time, you do not want to leave it on too long either, so counting to 90 or so after you have got the shampoo over all of them is a good idea. That is all there is to say about how to get Bayer relief shampoo without vet prescription, as you just don’t need one.

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