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Pet Size

Don't know your pet's weight?

If you can't get them on the scale, try this super simple method:

  1. Weigh yourself.
  2. Weigh yourself holding your pet.
  3. Subtract the two numbers to get their weight.

Too heavy to hold? Your vet will weigh them if you ask (or may already have it on file if you call).


No Prescription Required

  • Description

    Dogs don’t need to find a toilet when nature calls like we do. They’re good with wherever and whenever. But it is important to clean up after your pet and this is especially true when you’re in a park or off-leash dog area near your home.

    Mpets Pet Waste Bags are perfect for the task, as all you need to do is pick up / turn over for no-fuss, no-mess handling of dog doo. Plus they are scented to mask unpleasant odors. Make sure you put it in a proper trash can or similar receptacle and then the 2 (or more) of you are good to continue you on with your day.


    • Easy-pull roll design makes it easy for you get a bag ready to go
    • Leak-proof design
    • Tuck in your pocket or purse before going for a walk, or keep in your glove compartment
    • Easy and responsible way to clean up after your dog

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