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DMSO Liquid

Pet Size

Don't know your pet's weight?

If you can't get them on the scale, try this super simple method:

  1. Weigh yourself.
  2. Weigh yourself holding your pet.
  3. Subtract the two numbers to get their weight.

Too heavy to hold? Your vet will weigh them if you ask (or may already have it on file if you call).


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  • Description

    DMSO Liquid 99% pure, also known as dimethyl sulfoxide, is a simple yet remarkable substance with a range of applications that can benefit your pets. DMSO can be recommended for topical use to help reduce acute swelling caused by injuries. Additionally, DMSO serves as a cryoprotective agent, which means it can help protect frozen tissue. Plus, it acts as a powerful antioxidant, helping combat the harmful molecules known as free radicals, which can contribute to various health issues in pets. It may also provide relief for pets suffering from arthritis.

    Before you buy DMSO Liquid for your pet, it is important that you talk to your veterinarian about its effectiveness and potential side effects.


    Before using this product on animals, it's essential to seek guidance from your veterinarian. Any usage other than as a solvent is considered non-standard. Administer DMSO Liquid topically by applying it directly to the affected area of the skin.

    For Dogs: Apply generously to your dog's skin three to four times a day. Ensure that the total daily amount does not exceed 20 mL, and the treatment should not last more than 14 days.

    For Horses: Apply generously to your horse's skin two to three times daily. Be cautious not to exceed 100 mL per day, and the treatment should not extend beyond 30 days.


    DMSO Liquid uses Dimethyl Sulfoxide 99% Purity as its active ingredient.


    Use DMSO Liquid on the skin only; do not use it in any other way.

    Don't let DMSO Liquid touch your skin. Wear rubber gloves when using it, and you can use tools like forceps and swabs to apply it.

    DMSO Liquid can hide certain signs of illness, like those seen in fractures. But it doesn't replace the need for specific treatments for such conditions.

    DMSO Liquid can help other topically applied drugs get absorbed into the body more easily and can increase the effects of drugs taken by mouth. Be careful when using it alongside other medicines, especially those affecting the heart and brain.

    Don't use DMSO Liquid under bandages that completely seal the area.

    Don't use DMSO Liquid on horses or dogs intended for breeding.


    DMSO has the potential to enhance the absorption of other substances through the skin. If your pet is on medication, there is a risk that DMSO could increase the absorption of these drugs, potentially leading to unexpected side effects or overdose.

    Avoid applying other topical products, such as creams or ointments, to the same area where you are using DMSO. Combining multiple topical treatments can lead to skin irritation or unpredictable interactions.

    Side Effects

    Usually, side effects are mild and occur locally, not posing serious risks to patients. Occasionally, when applied topically, animals might experience temporary redness, burning, or stinging. Even if redness or blistering occurs, it typically goes away on its own and doesn't necessarily mean you should stop using the medication.

    Some temporary effects like skin dryness and a unique breath odor have been reported but aren't considered serious. Changes in the eye's lens and cataracts have been seen in animals using this drug, and these effects seem linked to the dose and duration of treatment.

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