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Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

Chuckit Ultra Ball

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  • Description

    Throughout most of their lives a lot of dogs have boundless energy, and playing fetch will be the perfect part of any visit to the park or anywhere else there is plenty of open space. Now you may think you have an okay arm, but your dog might prefer to run much farther than you are able to throw the ball.

    Not to worry, introducing the Chuckit Ultra Ball! With it you’ll be able to chuck the ball as far as needed to satisfy your dog and take fetch to a whole new level.


    • Durable all-rubber ball is hypoallergenic and has no parts that can come loose
    • Orange striping on blue makes ball easy to locate in grass
    • Throw handle allows for easy maximum velocity in throwing the ball
    • Ball floats in water
    • Great choice for active dogs that love to fetch

    Side Effects

    Chuckit Ultra Balls themselves don't have direct side effects in the same way that food or medication might. However, there are a few potential issues to consider:

      Choking Hazard: Especially with smaller versions of the ball, there's a risk of choking if your dog is a very aggressive chewer or can fit the whole ball in their mouth. Always choose a ball size appropriate for your dog and supervise them during play.

      Dental Damage: For dogs who chew heavily, the tough material of the Chuckit Ultra Ball could potentially cause wear and tear on their teeth over time.

      Excessive Exercise: While not a direct side effect of the ball, the excitement of fetch can lead some dogs to overexert themselves. Make sure your dog gets breaks and water, especially on hot days.

      Dirt and Debris: The Chuckit Ultra Ball's textured surface can pick up dirt, sand, and other debris. This can be abrasive if the dog chews heavily on the ball, and it's important to wash it regularly to prevent potential stomach upset from ingesting this debris.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Chuckit Ultra Ball

    Difference between Chuckit Ultra Ball and Fetch Ball:

    The main difference between Chuckit Ultra Ball and Fetch Ball lies in their design and durability. Chuckit Ultra Ball is made of durable rubber, featuring a high bounce and buoyancy, suitable for rugged play and water retrieval. On the other hand, Fetch Ball typically refers to any ball used for fetching, which may vary in material and durability depending on the brand and type.

    Safety of Chuckit Balls for Dogs:

    Chuckit Balls are generally considered safe for dogs when used appropriately and under supervision. However, like any pet toy, it's essential to monitor your dog during playtime to prevent accidental ingestion of small parts or damage to the toy. Additionally, always choose the appropriate size and type of Chuckit Ball for your dog's size and chewing habits.

    Dimensions of Chuckit Ultra Ball:

    Chuckit Ultra Balls come in various sizes to accommodate different breeds and play preferences. The dimensions typically range from small to large, with the diameter ranging from approximately 2 inches to 3 inches for small dogs and up to 4 inches for larger breeds.

    Buoyancy of Chuckit Ultra Balls:

    Yes, Chuckit Ultra Balls are designed to float on water, making them ideal for water retrieval games. The buoyant nature of these balls adds an extra layer of fun for dogs who love to play fetch in the water, such as at the beach or pool.

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