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Thomas Labs Hot Pick Feather Picking Deterrent Spray

Pet Size

Don't know your pet's weight?

If you can't get them on the scale, try this super simple method:

  1. Weigh yourself.
  2. Weigh yourself holding your pet.
  3. Subtract the two numbers to get their weight.

Too heavy to hold? Your vet will weigh them if you ask (or may already have it on file if you call).


No Prescription Required

  • Description

    Thomas Labs Hot Pick Spray is an easy to apply spray that helps deter birds from picking, plucking and over-preening their feathers. Formulated with a unique blend of soap, spices and flavoring to keep you bird's feathers beautiful.


    Pet and exotic birds: Apply to birds as needed. Apply lightly at first, increasing spray pattern and/or frequency util bird no longer over-preens at the site of application. Do not spray on food or water.


    Ingredients: Spices Inactive Ingredients: Flavoring, soap

    Product Code : 13496